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Comment Re:Lost in translation (Score 1) 202

But what you're saying would only apply if there were variations between the Dead Sea Scrolls and modern texts. Perhaps people could understand the evolution of the documents, and a greater understanding of the bible.

However these are exact copies of texts that are already commonplace. Wikipedia says, 40% Old Testament, 30% Apocrypha (that were already known), and 30% religious commentaries by some unknown Jewish or Christian sect.

They aren't at all controversial, they say basically nothing about Catholicism. For the most part, they're just really old copies of a book. If you found a 1,800 year old copy of Virgil's Aenid, that would be pretty neat, but it wouldn't have anything new or controversial to say about the epic.

Comment Re:Are we any smarter than we were 2000 years ago? (Score 1) 202

You don't need to speak Hebrew - everything has been translated and annotated. It's an easy Google to get the documents online, Penguin Books has a 7th edition of a complete translation. There isn't anything in the scrolls that would be of special interest to sci-fi (at least, no more than a standard Old Testament/collection of apocrypha).

Comment Re:Consoles are dying (Score 1) 104

The tabletop non-mobile console will be merged into the home TV;

What? No, of course this will not happen any time in the near future. For anything like it to happen, Android (or something similar) would have to be a viable game platform, and everybody would have to stop liking graphically intense games and get more into "Angry Birds." Neither of these are at all true. Maybe it could happen in a couple decades, but perhaps by then TVs will be passe and we'll all be watching holograms. Why are you browsing games.slashdot in the first place?

Comment Re:States Needs (Score 1) 409

For years we were told that milk would make us strong. Milk is still served as the sole diary, even though many kids are intolerant of it.
Very few white kids are intolerant of milk. Even in China most kids drink milk.

but children are taught that animal protein is superior to vegetable protien
This is absolutely true. Most vegetable proteins are incomplete, and none of them are in the proportions the body wants. The protein from meat, milk, and eggs, is far superior.

McDonalds hambuger is a superior meal to quinoe pilaf
I'd love to see state literature comparing a McDonald's hamburger to quinoa pilaf and then recommending the hamburger. Anyway, meat + bread is fine. The fries and the soda are the larger problem.

Somehow a baked potato is inferior to a barbqued ribs with the sauce full of simple carbohydrate.
A potato has less of the fat & protein necessary to good health. It isn't exactly rich in vitamins. Of course it depends on overall diet, but personally I would much rather have the meat.

much of the world is very healthy with minimum or no meat.
India? Lifespan there is short and everybody dies of heart problems.

Comment Re:And nothing of value was lost (Score 1) 674

The average shelf life of a Twinkie is 7-10 days. They don't last more than 25. There's no weird chemistry, just they don't contain dairy products.
The functional part of ancient Egyptian mummification is dehydration using salts.
No need to pass on urban legends. is a relevant link.

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