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Journal Journal: (Troll -1) 1

Imagine a beowolf cluster...

In Soviet Russia...

Sometimes my messages are moderated Troll, but I never intend to post replies to troll around. So if you mod me Troll I would like to hear why or find you in my freak list. But I guess that's inherently not the nature of modding Troll...


Journal Journal: Copy(right) laws!? 2

Today I found this (Skylarov like) story about some Dan Jackson who published a binary to decode the .lit format on Slashdot. It seems to me laws on copying software are a hot topic to most of the readers of Slashdot and the people in general.

Anyway since I assume most people do see copying as a legal act or feel that they should be able to copy software and electronic content, I do not really understand there exist laws that prohibit copying. Most of us live in democratic countries, don't we?

I cannot see anything wrong in copying or decoding your own content and there is nothing wrong with software which allows you to do so. Moreover I see it as natural behaviour of computers that they copy stuff. From internet to memory to harddisk to memory to printer to etc, etc. I hope that this idea and the fact that I own some computers does not make me a criminal.

Yes, yes, offcourse I know: authors and credit for their work and blahblah, but my guess is dumping some laws would mostly affect the media industry and not the authors of content. I mean if someone wants me to write a piece of code or a report, he will have to to pay me. If the code is good and used all around the world I'm only happy and more people will ask me.

Don't get me wrong, I would not appreciate anyone publishing work with parts of it which are copies of other work and not telling so. People should get the credits for their work.

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Journal Journal: no s*x: no pr0n...

Wow, incredible! What's up with this spelling-etiquette?
I seem to have offended some people by spelling sex like s*x, moreover they suggested I would probably have a problem with content filters at my school! see...

Or I would not even have the age... Well, I guess some of the younger readers of /. suffer some severe form of projection, perhaps they should consider consulting professional help.
C'mon read the bio, it isn't there for fun or fake...

In reply to one the comments: OK, perhaps 'sex' is not very offensive, but then what is? Is porn erh... I mean pr0n? I am sorry, but I do not see the problem. I mean why is pr0n offensive? It is because of s*x. So what is offensive? Very subjective matter in my opinion.

So: Hey offend me! And... No way. I don't care. I don't give a damn.
I'm 31. I don't attend school. I have a (good, IT, developer) job. I have broadband. I have a car, a notebook and lots of technic lego - perhaps I am a bit twisted. And yes, sorry, my girlfriend DOES scream during orgasms. I hope you don't live next door.

Sorry. I really needed to get rid of a little frustration. No need to post any comments on this entry.

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