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Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 34

nothing I do is gay, stalker, or troll.

Like hell it isn't. It doesn't matter where I post on this website - you reply at a rate well over 95%. I foed you because you harass other users in my journal, so instead, you devote a litany of JE's complaining about it. Obsessed / Stalker - CHECK, and CHECK.

I called Obama a fascist. I have reasons for doing so, and facts that I have previously discussed that back up my position. You acted, and act, like a good little brownshirt trying to silence me or shout me down. Creepy - CHECK

You created the raiigunner troll account to further try and discredit me, and continue pushing your ridiculous, and unprovable theories. And it is you. Prove it isn't.

Troll - CHECK.

Only one I can't prove is gay. But you're waaaay more interested in me than you should be, so I question your motives. Occam's Razor suggests that your blatant homosexuality is the most like cause.

Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 34

You can speak all you want about this stuff, but what proof do we have of your words? Honestly, your dogged holding to positions that would be best be held by the fridge conservatives, like Conservapedia push you well into the range of Poe's Law... where it now becomes difficult to tell if you're being a parodist troll, or if you're just that dogged in holding to well discredited efforts.

"Well discredited?" There's your problem. You claim my positions have been well discredited when they haven't - because if they had, I wouldn't hold them anymore.

As far as proof.... here's an analogy: Prove you're not a child molester.

After all, there is no proof anywhere on the internet or elsewhere that proves that damn_registrars is not a child molester, and I don't see any proof that you're not a child molester either.

C'mon, prove it. Prove you've never molested a child.

That is the kind of silly game you play when you go off into crazyland and suggest that I'm not a conservative.

I could just as easily suggest that the whole creepy gay stalker troll stuff that damn_registrars does is just an act, that that he's secretly a conservative posting a parody of a liberal to make other liberals look bad.

... except liberals do a bang up job of making themselves look bad as it is.

Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 34

damn_registrars is only following the lefty play book - he knows he can't beat me in a debate, so he tries to discredit me with ad hominem attacks - claiming I'm somehow not a "real conservative" (never mind my voting record or time I've spent volunteering for conservative candidates - or the new "Michael Williams for U.S. Senate" bumper sticker I just slapped on my car).

He is also behind the raiigunner troll account, which he of course denies - and it's another ad hominem attack.

It's really quite sad and amusing that he devotes so much of his time trying to attack me.

Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 34

Funny... "Climate Scientists" are on board with the whole global warming fraud, and yet a huge number of meteorologists - including the founder of The Weather Channel.

Also, I never claimed they were retarded - I claimed they had an agenda.

As far as your other reply - there's a difference between reacting to an event that *did* occur as opposed to an event that *might* occur. I'm not surprised that you can't tell the difference.

Proponents of Global Warming argue that "it's here!" and we should "do something" which always involves ceding more personal freedom to the state. They claim that it's too big of a risk not to do anything, and the solution is more totalitarianism and madness like the Kyoto Protocol which would cripple the American economy - and with the way the Democrats and Obama are wrecking the economy - it can't take any more abuse. Every economic indicator right now is showing we're about to drop - double dip, deep recession, with unemployment likely to hit 10 percent by election day 2012.

The only positive if that happens is there will be a really good chance we throw Obama out of office. He's been a complete disaster of a President, arguably the Worst President in History.

Comment Re:meh (Score 1) 34

Here's why the Earth is "cooling": Link 1

Link 2

Here's why it'll probably get warmer for the next several years before it cools down again:Link 3

Any questions?

Global Warming... on MARS

Favorite line from that article: Abdussamatov's work, however, has not been well received by other climate scientists.

Of course not - the "other" climate scientists have a political agenda. The modern day "green" movement is nothing more than a cloak that socialists/fascists (two sides of the same totalitarian coin) hide under.

Anthropogenic Global Warming is a complete and total fraud.

Comment Re:Quick question: (Score 1) 9

If you don't like expensive gasoline, use something else. We don't need these negligent bastards spilling their crap all over the place.. There's plenty of viable alternatives, but your predatory system keeps them out of the market.

Like what, the Chevy Volt?

Hey, everybody - let's all "go green" and heal the planet and buy electric cars! Then, instead of burning relatively clean gas, we can burn dirty as hell coal to make more electricity and add more strain to an already overtaxed grid - or, we can import more electricity from Mexico where they really don't give a fuck about air quality - but we'll be tooling around in our useless electric cars - when we can even get a charge - and yes, our lives will suck, but at least we'll have a small carbon footprint.


On the other hand, if you're advocating Biodiesel - I'm fine with that. Diesel engines are a superior technology to their gasoline burning cousins. Plus, there's already an infrastructure to pump diesel fuel, so there's another advantage.

Here's the puzzle to solve: How do you produce enough of it to make it economically viable? In other words - cheaper than gasoline?

There's an opportunity to make gobs of cash if you can figure that out.

And don't suggest the Government should do anything about it, either.

Comment Re:Quick question: (Score 1) 9

and RG's just trolling.

No, I'm being completely serious about the need for us to drill for our own oil.

Remember when John Kerry's argument against drilling in ANWAR and offshore was that it would take 5 years before the US saw any benefit?

Guess we should have drilled 5 years ago.

Comment Re:Doesn't know how things work (Score 1) 15

Are you saying that production can increase?

Yes. Shale Oil, ANWAR, there is a lot of untapped oil.

At $122 a barrel, you'd think people would be trying to increase production to sell all they could.

They want to, but liberal environmentalist fuckwits won't let them. Offshore drilling is illegal for US companies. Drilling in ANWAR is illegal. Liberals enacted these laws, therefore, logically, liberals are to blame for high gas prices (which raises the price of EVERYTHING since it costs more to put it on a truck and ship it).

Of course, this impacts the poor and single mothers the most, so the question really is: Why do you hate single mothers? Drilling for more oil would help them, and if you oppose dilling for oil, you must hate single mothers. And the poor - and since the poor are predominantly minority, therefore, you are also a racist.

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