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Comment Re:If the shoe were on the other foot... (Score 1) 35

>>>The free market ... causes harm and death.
>>You're lying. The free market has never caused any harm or death, ever. We know this, because we know it is not even capable of doing so.
>You're simply full of shit there. There have been millions of cases of people who have purchased goods on the free market which resulted in their deaths, which could have been prevented had there been even the most basic of safety concerns from the manufacturer.

Is there a distinction between product and market? I can agree with McLuhan, if it's all information, that: "The medium is the message".
Saying "Best Buy is a dishwasher," doesn't work, though. Somehow, there is a distinction in the physical world. I could be ronngg.

Comment Re:Random (letter) selection (Score 1) 164

Okay, so you retract your implication that my three words were the -only- argument I have for it, which you knew via your psychic powers, and now state only that I consider it "supportive" of it, correct?

In fact, given the broadness of how one might interpret those three words, I suggest that the sole reason you formed the interpretation you did, and the objection you did, is -you yourself- find it "supportive", and now are denying your own evaluation of your own brain, and projecting who has an issue onto me and Dr. Parker.

Comment Re:Oh, really? (Score 1) 1255

You're bad at searching things on the internet.

Look for private school closures. You'll see that there are lots that close due to poor enrollment.

That is how they die.

As to your claim that competition for business has no impact on quality, the reality of the last 300 years of capitalism disproves that notion.

Why do you use one product rather then another? Because its better or cheaper or more available.

If a product is worse, more expensive, and harder to get ahold of then you won't use it.

Ah, but what if I force you to use it exclusively? They're boned. And that's how public education works. You must use it. And even if you don't use it, you must pay for it.

Which is why we need a school voucher system that allows parents to take state education funding and contribute it to whatever school they actually want to attend.

Do that, and public schools will rapidly grasp that they are in direct competition with private schools for attendance. And they will either adapt or die.

Hash? Welcome to planet Earth, deal with it.

Comment Re:Random (letter) selection (Score 0) 164

Take it up with Dr. Parker. He used the term "incredible", quite deliberately and with full awareness of the implications of the term. Even if -you- want to redirect to a semantic objection that holds no relevance, nor accurately recounts the statement--but happens to correspond what you personally wish he had said, had meant, or was the case.

And, of course, one could not possibly evaluate a position based on one sentence regarding it, ever, for any topic, nor is there even the beginnings of a rational thought on your part there.

Comment Re:If the shoe were on the other foot... (Score 1) 35

a professor making up bullshit about Republicans being racist

Making up bullshit?


Who has been actively suppressing voters?

No one.

Don't give me bullshit about the voter ID laws being about preventing fraud when there are damn near zero cases of actual fraudulent voting occurring in any of the states and jurisdictions that are trying to force arbitrary new requirements on voters that quite nearly without exception make voting easier for middle and upper economic classes who work 9-to-5 and far more difficult for those who make less money working longer hours.

Again: making up bullshit.

First, your stat on "actual fraudulent voting" is bullshit. The numbers the left cites are the wrong ones. They cite the number of prosecutions or convictions. But even a tiny bit of thought will lead you to understand that if someone votes for someone else without an ID, that person will most likely never be prosecuted, because they won't be caught. Hell, the fraud might never even be detected, because that would require the real voter trying to vote and then being denied. And by then, the perpetrator is long gone. But often, people would be more likely to vote on behalf of friends or family who cannot, thereby never getting caught, thereby never being included in the stats.

Indeed, we know -- as a matter of near-certainty, based on common sense -- that whatever the number of prosecutions we've had for such fraud, the actual number of fraud cases must be much larger, because the fraud is so easy to commit without being caught. Surely you cannot believe that if we aren't checking photo IDs, that we are likely to catch someone who commits such a fraud ... ? That'd be terribly stupid.

Second, there is simply zero basis for your claim that voter ID makes voting easier for anyone, let alone "without exception." It actually makes legal voting easier for no one at all, "without exception."

Third, there is simply zero basis for the claim that it makes voting "far more difficult" for the overwhelming majority of people who "make less money working longer hours." They are notified, multiple times, months or years in advance of the change, and have ample opportunity to get the (free) ID. And even if they don't before election day, they can fill out a provisional ballot, which will be counted upon providing the proper (free) qualifications.

Even for the very few people who, with all those opportunities, cannot get a photo ID, they can still vote. And for the overwhelming people who can get the photo ID, it is a simple (and free!) process, and not "far more" difficult at all. On the contrary, they generally bend over backward to make it as easy (and free!) as possible.

Plus -- again, more lies from you -- most people who work longer hours for less pay still have a driver's license already.

Considering the republicans have led the charge to permanently revoke workers' right to strike

You're lying again. That has never happened that I am aware of, and certainly there is no serious effort afoot. Perhaps you mean that Republicans are against special protections for unions which disallow employers from firing workers who strike? That is true, of course, but it is completely different from having the right to strike. I think every employee should have the right to strike ... and every employer should have the right to fire any employee at any time for any reason.

Actually, I take that back. Every employee and employer has that constitutional, and natural, right. It's just that the government doesn't always recognize these obvious rights that we have.

The free market ... causes harm and death.

You're lying. The free market has never caused any harm or death, ever. We know this, because we know it is not even capable of doing so.

Comment Re:Lucky I wasn't there (Score 1) 35

So you say he wasn't -- very clearly and obviously -- lying?

Because if he was lying, your criticism of me makes no sense. If he was not lying, then please defend his claim that asking for a voter ID is for the purpose of suppressing black votes. Or that Republicans are all white. (?) Or that Romney hid his money in the Cayman Islands (he paid taxes on that money, as federal law requires; nothing was "hidden"). He lied.

It's not enough for me to say "I disagree." That's bullshit. He is not saying, "I think the free market doesn't work, and here's why." That would be something to disagree with. He is stating, as facts, things which are false, which he either does or should know are false, as a teacher promoting these ideas in a classroom.

It's typical and sad that you criticize me for not being "sociable" for calling a lie a lie, whereas this guy gets no criticism for telling those lies.

Comment Lucky I wasn't there (Score 1) 35

If I were there, I'd have called him out as a liar and a racist, because that's what he is. It is racist to say that requiring voter ID is racist, because what you're actually saying is that black people are less capable or interested in simply following the rules to vote than white people are.

Comment Re:If the shoe were on the other foot... (Score 1) 35

You do not actually believe that a comparison of a professor making up bullshit about Republicans being racist, and expressing purely ignorant nonsense that doesn't stand up to the slightest amount of intellectual examination, is similar to a professor promoting the free market. I sugggest you stop pretending you do.

Comment Re:This is irrational. (Score 1) 1255

Its a national issue because it stems from national political alliances. These unions form ties at the federal level and with national political alliances.

These relationships are quid pro quo. You are right, that it is not literally impossible to fire a bad teacher.

However, what you might not appreciate is that classifying a teacher as such is nearly impossible. The amount of evidence required, political will to maintain through all the process and formality, and of course the attention of the media required to keep them from simply sweeping it under the rug is immense.

You can't just do it. You have to bring a similarly powerful political alliance to bare upon it and have the unstoppable force slam into the immovable object... and let the results play out.

it shouldn't be that way. And the only way to stop that is to sever the teacher's unions from the national political alliances. And the only way to do that is to break the unions up into small enough bits that they're not useful for national political organization. And having no big impact on that sphere, they'll cease to be protected.

Until that happens, the whole situation will merely invite further corruption.

Comment Good ole bandwidth problem (Score 2) 183

Downtown Indianapolis has a plethora of connection options. Wired, wireless, cellular, etc.

On a Friday evening it just doesn't matter. Getting online via ANY means is a joke. You're better off with IP over smoke signal. As 50,000 people (over twice the population of the city I live in and an increase in Indy's total population to the tune of about 5-6%) in the area blitz the available spectrum for wifi and cellular, while wired connections in the hotels are drowned by rooms filled to capacity and everyone sporting a laptop/tablet/etc. And it's a static population increase for those 4-5 days.

What you have described, Sir, is a problem of having not enough bandwidth on the outbound pipes connecting Indianapolis to the outside world.

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