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Comment Re:Wake up and smell the stock market people... (Score 1) 359

You are merely being compensated for your expenditure of time and energy, not gouging someone.

I see your point (and I agree with Sloppy's point above) but, to nitpick, compensation of time and energy is gross profit (which even not-for-profit companies have to have, in order to remain operational, unless they're funded by a third party). The grandparent post was explicitly talking about net profit, which is what remains after all costs are compensated.

Comment Please mod parent back up! (Score 1) 359

How did people mod this down as troll? The parent expressed a valid opinion. It may be diametrically opposed to your core values, or even the core values your country is based on, but it's a valid, clearly-stated opinion. Don't use "Troll" as a synonym for "Disagree".

Come on people, we're no Thought Police here.

United States

Submission + - Obama Defends Warrantless Wiretapping

a whoabot writes: The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Obama administration has stepped in to defend AT&T in the case over their participation in the warrantless wiretapping program started by Bush. The Obama administration argues that that continuation of the case will lead to the disclosure of important "state secrets." The Electronic Frontier Foundation has described the action as an "embrace" of the Bush policy.

Submission + - Leaked Memo: XP Reprieve May Go On After Windows 7 (

CWmike writes: "Gregg Keizer reports that Microsoft acknowledged today it has 'broadened the options' for PC makers to continue offering Windows XP as a downgrade from Vista — and potentially even Windows 7. However, the company would not confirm specific reports that HP has been given the green light to sell new PCs with Windows XP Pro preinstalled through the end of April 2010. 'Based on feedback, Microsoft is further broadening the options provided to Direct OEMs to help customers facilitate End User downgrade rights included in the product license terms of a new system with either Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate,' a Microsoft spokeswoman said in an e-mail. 'This option is designed to help ... small business customers, looking for Windows XP Professional due to application compatibility concerns.'"

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