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Comment Future steps (Score 3, Insightful) 214

You know, you could add a pen to the device, so you don't have to deal with, say, something that makes it hard to swipe your finger across the screen and reduce the grease in the screen.

Then, after that, you could make the movements more like handwritting, since people are used to that.

Then, maybe, to help people write things faster, put split areas for letters and numbers.

You know, I think I saw that somewhere else before....


Firefox 4.0 Beta 1 Released 190

balster neb writes "Mozilla has released the first Beta of Firefox 4, the next major version of the popular web browser. Apart from the new 'Chromified' tabs-on-top UI, there are many major improvements in performance and HTML5 support. This release also adds support for the new WebM video format. Other changes include faster DOM and CSS performance, improved UI responsiveness, hardware 2D acceleration, experimental WebGL support, and better JavaScript performance (though this beta does not include the new JaegerMonkey JIT engine). More details on the Mozilla blog."

Comment Not Chromified for everyone (Score 1) 1

From the "Features" page:

"Firefox 4 Beta includes an updated Windows interface that's sleeker and easier to use. (Mac & Linux are coming soon!)"

The Chromified look is not available in the Mac and Linux builds yet (just tried.) Everything else is there, though.

Comment Re:Screenshot/Mockups (Score 1) 366

nothing really innovative or useful came out of Mozilla labs.

Well, not quite. Weave is freaking awesome if you have Firefox on your mobile and your desktop: Log in in, say, Slashdot and weave will carry your session and cookies to your mobile.

[I reckon Mobile Firefox is not that spread, but it surely helps that I have the reference hardware ;)]

Comment Re:No support from Google (Score 1) 332

I keep all my open source projects on Google Code. I had one that was marked for deletion for more than 1 year. Then I decided to reactive it when Mercurial support landed. For some reason, the repository wouldn't work no matter what format. I searched and searched and searched and finally found the Google Code project page. Submitted an issue about the repo and kept watching it for two days. On the second day, the issue disappeared. Before opening it again, I decided to check the repo: everything was working as expected.

Support for Google products exist. It's just a pain to find it.

Comment Why someone would want peace? (Score 1) 495

I really don't understand why people want to settle things between Adobe and Apple. Honestly, I'm loving it.

The more Steve Jobs complains about Flash, the more focused in building a decent runtime for Flash Adobe will be (current Flash on Linux is a resource hog and OS X is not that far away either); The more Jobs says H264 is for "open web", the more people will scream about it being a patent encumbered protocol.

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