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Comment This sounds wrong (Score 1, Insightful) 182

Fromt TFA: "Nokias motivation for this move as being mostly driven through the desire for easier cross-platform-development, citing Maemo, Symbian and the desktop as examples."

One thing that sounds incredible wrong to me is the fact that they are saying that Qt was chosen to make "easier cross-platform-development". The applications that were ported directly from desktop to Maemo (Xchat is the first one the comes to my mind) have an incredible bad look in the device. Building an interface for a device that runs in a small screen (4.1 inches) with a small resolution (800x480) that also uses a large pointer (e.g., most of the screen is designed to thumb usage) is not the same as building an interface for normal computer screens and resolutions.

The move is simple political: Nokia controls Qt now, so they will use their own toolkit. It's not based on merits of the toolkit (or problems of the other.) But hey! Why tell people the truth, right?


Submission + - Solving the Energy Crisis by Tripling Electricity ( 2

__aajbyc7391 writes: Sounds crazy, but as with all of University of Cambridge Prof. David J. C. MacKay's thinking, there's logic to back it up, along with a welcome dollop of British wit. His new book, "Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air" (available free online and in hard copy and released under a Creative Commons license), is a roadmap for kicking our fossil fuel habit. Along the way, MacKay demolishes "codswallop" arguments on both sides of the debate, and explains why tripling electricity demand is the solution. In MacKay's holistic approach, transportation and space heating move from fossil fuels to renewable electricity. The beauty of consuming very large amounts of extra electricity for transport and heating is that these two forms of demand are "easily-switch-off-and-on-able," MacKay says. A smart grid that controls vehicle charging and pumping into heat-stores matches demand to renewables' fluctuating supply, overcoming one of their biggest drawbacks. A recent review in Science magazine (PDF download) calls the book "a must-read analysis" and "found MacKay's book by turns exhilarating and terrifying."

Comment Re:An interesting read on the subject (Score 1) 503

This is bullshit. Every app I've written against Mono that doesn't use any of their extensions has run perfectly on .NET on Windows. Just so you know, Mono supports pretty much all of the important parts of .NET 3.5 so I don't know where you are pulling this shit from.

Try the other way around. Wake me up when things compiled with Microsoft C# compiler works on OS X.

United States

Submission + - Obama Defends Warrantless Wiretapping

a whoabot writes: The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Obama administration has stepped in to defend AT&T in the case over their participation in the warrantless wiretapping program started by Bush. The Obama administration argues that that continuation of the case will lead to the disclosure of important "state secrets." The Electronic Frontier Foundation has described the action as an "embrace" of the Bush policy.

Submission + - Leaked Memo: XP Reprieve May Go On After Windows 7 (

CWmike writes: "Gregg Keizer reports that Microsoft acknowledged today it has 'broadened the options' for PC makers to continue offering Windows XP as a downgrade from Vista — and potentially even Windows 7. However, the company would not confirm specific reports that HP has been given the green light to sell new PCs with Windows XP Pro preinstalled through the end of April 2010. 'Based on feedback, Microsoft is further broadening the options provided to Direct OEMs to help customers facilitate End User downgrade rights included in the product license terms of a new system with either Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate,' a Microsoft spokeswoman said in an e-mail. 'This option is designed to help ... small business customers, looking for Windows XP Professional due to application compatibility concerns.'"

Comment Re:Many people care about "free" (Score 4, Informative) 329

Perhaps advertising simply does not support Last.FM's licensing deals

Yes, it does. One of the comments there, by the same author of the post, says that the revenue from ads in USA, UK and Germany are enough to pay for the bandwidth and licensing fees they have to pay. Everywhere else, it's not enough and that's why they are charging other countries.

Comment Just a bump in pricing? (Score 1) 329

One thing I couldn't get a straight answer:

Right now, the site subscription is 2.50/month. The blog mentions that the price to keep streaming songs on the radios will be 3.00/month. It seems that, what's happening is that streaming will be available only to subscribers and the subscription price will be bumped 0.50/month.

But heck, I couldn't get a answer, since they seem to be ignoring the whole discussion after a lot of people started complaining about the geographical subscription requirements.

Comment Re:Trailer, Really? (Score 1) 444

Also, if you replace the song in the new trailer by the theme of "Beverly Hills 90210", it still looks like the shit they were handing before.

Take a look at this:

It's footage of the old series using the sounds (and music) from the new series. And it looks a lot better than the *current* trailer.

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