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Comment Re:Pretty late for this, don't you think? (Score 1) 289

The way to make something sound louder than anything else is to use multi-band dynamic range compression like they do with FM radio. Normalizing doesn't fix this because the peak waveform may be the same, it's just that dynamic range compression means you get a constant instead of an occasional peak.

It is possible to measure perceived loudness and crank it down if it is above a certain unacceptable threshold. That way normal programs wouldn't be affected but only nasty adverts are culled.

A better solution would be to make excessive audio-cooking illegal. The penalty could be that the offender is strapped to an electric chair and is electrocuted by his own dynamically-compressed waveform. Then they'll be sorry. Ha!

Comment Re:If this were the US (Score 2) 329

Any law that comes with an assurance that it "usually" won't be fully enforced does not belong in a civilised society. Again this is the same as with drug laws where, in the UK, you might be let off with a caution for possession but the law says you can be thrown in jail for up to seven years (for class-A substances such as MDMA).

Comment Re:That's all fine and dandy, but.... (Score 1) 166

Is there any good and practical use for this new codec?

Yes. Live audio applications such as digital radio mics. Before the only viable option was ADPCM which slew-rate limits horribly and sounds awful. Either that or find enough RF bandwidth to send uncompressed PCM. For live applications 3ms delay is needed or drummers start playing out of time etc. If it can be tweaked to less than 5ms then it's got a future in this application.

Comment Re:OMG (Score 1) 527

Strange to call any step forward "socialist" since prohibition makes the same assumption that communism does. The assumption that everyone will just fall into line in to make it work. Both ideologies, the Temperance Movement and communism, come from Victorian times, both got tried in the 20th century. Both failed in the long run.

Comment Re:I know the FA is about Win/Mac, how about Linux (Score 1) 152

I'd love to do remote desktop viewing for distributed, Linux-based, artistic productions. For HP machines their proprietary Remote Graphics Software is very nice, and fills the bill perfectly, but it does require you to use HP boxes (at least for the server, if not necessarily the viewer). Are there any other open-source or widely-available proprietary desktop sharing systems for Linux?

Yes. There's freenx server for the Linux box and the cross-platform no-machine client for the viewer. It works over SSH by default. IMHO it works much better than any of the VNCs.


New Speed Cameras Catch You From Space 351

A new kind of speed camera that uses satellites to measure average speed over long distances is being tested in Britain. The "Speedspike" system combines plate reading technology with a global positioning satellite receiver to calculate average speed between any two points in the area being monitored. From the article: "Details of the trials are contained in a House of Commons report. The company said in its evidence that the cameras enabled 'number plate capture in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day.' It also referred to the system's 'low cost' and ease of installation." I can't wait to see the episode of MythBusters where they try to avoid getting a speeding ticket from a satellite.

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