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Comment Re:Is SETI wasting its time? (Score 1) 90

Good point. And if the aliens use digital communication (maybe with a bit of encryption and DRM on top of it :p), it will only show up as noise after analog conversion.

Even digital data uses a carrier wave.

The problem with this idea is that the human brain does not react well to large amounts of negative data. Eventually, the mental "squelch" of the viewer will drop to the point where they will see a pattern whether one exists or not.

I could see sending flagged data to humans, but this project is in "real-time". I think this is just a publicity gimmick.

Comment Victory at Sea (Score 1) 139

I once had a game on my Mac called "Victory at Sea" (pre-OSX days). The game was buggy as hell, but the game was researched by Jim Dunnigan and Albert Nofi. They created a book of the same name from the research they had assembled.

Great research, crappy game (because it was unplayable).

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