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Comment Thanks Jerry Brown (Score 1) 333

So you won't stop a bill which prevents police from invading the information on my iPhone, but you will give me a holiday to the guy who introduced the world to it. Why is "California Uber Alles" running through my head right now. Jello Biafra we need a new song now. Selex

Comment Re:The biggest problem with the movie industry... (Score 2) 360

There has always been a over abundance of crappy movies (Alexis de Tocqueville said it was art in general when dealing with a democracy/republic). There were always crappy books, music, movies, etc. The distribution has changed and production has changed. There were probably crappy handwritten manuscripts before movable type was created, but afterwards the was an explosion of crappy manuscripts because it became easy to create. Its easier and faster to create a movie now then 20 years ago. So yes you will see an increase is crap.

There are some really good movies that have come out lately, you just need to sift through the crap to get there, and that is how its always been. If everything was awesome, then nothing would be awesome. You need crap to gauge greatness.

So I find the "increase in crap" argument not getting to the problem. Copyrights allow the control of distribution. Computers copy information. The internet transmits information. So controlling the distribution is impossible. So the "industries" need to adjust the way they distribute their art. Long ago I used to pirate movies. I got Netflix (both DVD and streaming) and I no longer pirate movies. Why? Because for $17 a month I have unlimited movies to watch, I get to pick the schedule, the content, and the medium (PS3, desktop or phone). Its $17 a month were I was spending more then that buying movies. I haven't bought a movie in months because I can get it on Netflix. They changed the distribution to my liking, and I am okay with the way it works (I was upset when they doubled the price for Netflix, when then split the services so now I have to manage 2 seperate queues, but I will still use it because it still gives me a superior product to Google Movies, Blockbuster, Amazon, iTunes, etc). They need to fix the distribution.


Comment Disheartening (Score 1) 165

That fact that I logged in instead of just posting anonymously should be a clue.

Google Labs brings me lots of fun things to play with. This sucks. I use Mytracks and Fusion Tables all the time. Not to mention the addons for Maps, Gmail, Calendar and all those extras.

Thats what made Google products great was that the Google staff could work on their weird projects.


Comment Re:Motoblur (Score 1) 384

The new MotoBlur that comes with Gingerbread at least on the Droid X is not as bad as the original MotoBlur that came with Froyo. Its not the best launcher, but its not as bad as it used to be. I like the new app drawer which is why I was happy to find out you can switch the LauncherPro app drawer to the MotoBlur app drawer.

With the Gingerbread and an extended battery I am only hitting 50% per day now instead of having to drop the X in the charger a second time in a day, but I am running numerous widgets on the screen at once. Even with that though Social Networking, News, Quick Contact, com.motorola.photowidget, Motorola Dock Service, and Social Sharing are all still running, and they are all MotoBlur services. None of which I am using. I even went into MotoBlur and removed those widgets from the launcher, and then switched back to LauncherPro. Without rooting the phone I can't remove those services. All of which are running, and all of which are draining my battery. (What really kills my battery is when its searching for a signal since I never get signal at work, but thats my fault for not putting it in airplane mode)

I like the Droid X. The camera is awesome (especially with the new upgrade in Gingerbread), the HDMI output is nice, the screen size is great, and the battery does last me, but the next phone might not be a Motorola for bootloader reason.


Comment Re:A sense of scale (Score 1) 542

There is a park I go for walks all the time. I notice the first time last week (when I decided to walk on the other side of the creek) and there was a Solar System Walk there. Its a bunch of pedestals with information about the Sun and each planet, and then each pedestal is placed approximately to scale per the park size to their distance in the solar system. The Sun to Mercury roughly 10 feet, Mercury to Venus 15, Venus to Earth 15, Mars is another few feet, and then Jupiter is a good 70 more feet and sits in the middle of the field. From the Sun to the beginning of the line of trees is 2000 ft. Saturn is past that on top of a hill. Neptune is the other end of the damn forest, Uranus is in a field near the damn highway, and Pluto (yes its an old walk) is past that. The direct line distance is a 1 mile, which doesn't account for the vertical distance or the path winding.

I did not appreciate the distance until then, and I said screw it I'm staying right here. I thought flying to Florida was mind numbingly dull...hey look guys more vastness of space! At least the walk gives me trees and geese fights.


Comment Thanks Slashdot (Score 1) 258

Could have told me the key was on the Yale site. Now my PS3 doesn't work, I also think my Discman blew up, and Sony goons are at my door asking to look at my computer. They are fast, all within 5 minutes.

MS said they'd bail me out with an Xbox, but I asked does it play Blu-Ray and network to my home media server. They hung up on me. Jerks.


Comment Does this count? (Score 1) 303

Does it count when ATT has no reception, but Verizon does. So I turn on mobile hotspot on my Droid X, and let my friend's iPhone connect to in the internet? Because I had to do it yesterday.


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