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Comment Re:Non-metric units easier for humans (Score 1) 909

Another good example of where metric units don't work out so well is estimating distance by pacing. Most people don't have a yard or metre-long average stride. I can do metre-long strides, but I have to pace rather unnaturally and with very long steps. My average stride, and most people's actually, is closer to two feet. So is it easier to count paces and multiply by two, or count paces and multiply by 2 and divide by 3?

Which is the reason we had a pace-count course setup during land navigation exercices in ROTC. We'd follow a 100m course, count our paces, go back the other direction, count again, then average the two numbers. That was supposed to be able to allow us to convert our map distances into an easy to remember number when looking for waypoints. For the most part, it worked okay, since the pace course was a good average of the terrain. However, you'd still have to fudge a bit due to fatigue when your stride got shorter.

But in the end, it was still a LOT easier to use metric than imperial, simply because the course was probably 8-10 square miles. Imperial would have worked for road distances, but not when you're going through the brush trying to find specific points and cut-ins from the trails.

Comment Re:Good luck w/ regards to pricing (Score 2) 93

WiFi on Southwest is only $5 per day right now, which is less than gogo charges for WiFi in the airport!

And in my experience, it's HORRIBLY slow. Last time I went to Texas, I noticed the return AUS->BNA flight had it and figured "why not?" Web pages took forever to load and would frequently time out, the onboard hosted content wasn't exactly snappy, and even AIM and IRC had trouble keeping a connection.

Comment Re:This isn't even funny... (Score 5, Informative) 1061

I've always held that anyone is free to speak their mind, even if I don't agree with what they're saying.

If Westboro Baptist Church was really planning to interfere with the tragedy that has happened at Newtown, they've sunk to a level so low that no reasonable Christian should want anything to do with them. Scum.

This is too far. I don't want to say any more to further dirty the pain the families and the trauma the survivors are going through.

I think you'll find that most reasonable Christians DON'T want anything to do with these clowns. A lot of people in my church are VERY conservative, and even they are appalled anytime one of the WBC crazies opens their mouth. Small sample size, yes. But I've found it to be true in other locations as well.

Comment Containment is fine, security is the issue. (Score 0) 105

I'm not worried about some virus spontaneously escaping into the wild. What I'm concerned about is a bunch of militant "animal rights" nitwits getting in and "liberating" diseased animals, causing all kinds of hell.

"Free the animals, man!"

"That's probably not a good idea given their condition."

"Screw you, OPPRESSOR!"

*frees diseased animals anyway*

Yes, that's the exact thing that happened in 28 Days Later. Yes, I can see that actually happening. All it takes is a bunch of ill-informed, militant, bongo-beating idiots to cause problems. So security in this place should be "No badge, or it doesn't match the access list? Escorted away at gunpoint. ANY resistance? Bullet to the head."

Comment Please, just stop... (Score 5, Interesting) 204

Once again, the clueless people in high places prove they don't understand. Attaching "cyber", "e", "online" or even "with a computer" to something does NOT make it a new threat. And "Cyber Pearl Harbor"? Gimme a damn break. There is no need to try and compare unlawful access to a computer system by a foreign entity to an attack that killed thousands of people and drew the US into one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history.

Espionage is espionage, regardless of wether it's someone sneaking documents out of a building or tapping into someone's computer system. Just because something happens on a computer does not automatically make it a new class of crime for which there must be an immediate expenditure of untold sums of taxpayer money.

So please, governments....stop with the crap already...

Comment The reason for not using standard NFC... (Score 1) 171

It's simple. If Apple were to use a standard NFC sytem, they would have to admit that the iPhone 5 actually isn't the be all and end all of smartphones. And even if they did, using a standard implementation would mean they couldn't act like they invented something entirely new that nobody had ever had or been using for one or two years prior....

Comment Re:Environmentalists (Score 4, Insightful) 319

No, you goddamn moron - the buzzkills are the people who think that engineering changes on a global scale without a fucking clue of the long-term ramifications is a huge, terrible and deadly idea. Heck, even simple projects like damming a river is creating all kinds of unforeseen problems if the damming is large enough: earthquakes, for one, weren't on the list when people drew up drawbacks for those.

Let me guess - you are the fucking idiot who thinks that applying changes directly to production is a brilliant way to speed up the roll-out of new features, don't you?

Oh, and since you're probably one of those people who think that property rights are everything, and the defense of your own way of life trumps everything: mind if I stop by and shoot you in the face because you support fucking up my life through planetary engineering? No? O course not - those solution are only valid if YOUR life is inconvenienced.

Go die in a fire.

You know, your point itself is rather sound. I completely agree that people need to try and figure out what the effects of such projects will be BEFORE they start them. But the fact that you decided to fly off the handle into a profanity-laden tirade wipes out a good chuck of whatever credibility you may have had. Initiating personal attacks on the poster because you disagree with them eliminates the rest. In so doing, you have just demonstrated why so many people are turned off by environmentalists. The subsection that thinks and acts like yourself, i.e. stomping your feet, screaming, swearing, and berating others who don't share your opinion - THAT is how most people see the "green" movement, because people like you are the ones most often heard. When you act like a child in supporting a cause, then human nature sees that the entire thing is seen as petulant, childish, and immature.

Disagree, by all means. That's your right, and I welcome you to exercise it. But in disagreeing, try to use facts, studies, and evidence to support your position instead of further cementing the other side's view of environmentalists. Otherwise, you're not doing yourself or the environment any favors. And before you say anything about the original poster's attitude, realize that an ill informed and snarky comment doesn't always warrant one in return, and certainly not escalated to the level you just reached. Two wrongs, etc. etc.

But I don't expect this to sink in. I'll probably get a profanity-filled wish for my own death before the end of the evening. I've come to expect it when arguing with your type. Want to really shut me up on that? Prove me wrong...

Comment Re:Should rename these Darwin Viruses (Score 0, Offtopic) 129

You still have to deal with typo squatters. If you type instead of or some such you may end up at a phony website designed to phish you.

If you're actually opening a browser and typing in '' to search Google on an Android device that by default has a giant Google Search bar on the homescreen... Well then you get what your stupid-fingers get, and I can't bring myself to feel sorry for you...

Comment Halt, Citizen! (Score 1) 527

Why are you stocking up on supplies? Only terrorists need supplies! Citizens are not meant to purchase any of these things, as they are earmarked for the greater good of The State. Should an actual disaster arise, The State will dispense goods to you as needed at the discretion of local officials. Since you have shown you are unable to trust your glorious benefactors, you are hereby remanded to State custody to be re-educated.

Always remember:
The State knows best. The State keeps you safe. The State will provide for you. Freedom breeds individuality. Individuality breeds free thought. Free thought breeds unhappiness. Unhappiness breeds dissent. Dissent breeds chaos. Sowers of chaos will be dealt with accordingly.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 4, Insightful) 992

There are also well published statistics about how fatalities increase as a result of going at a higher speed (which should be pretty obvious if you give it more than a few minutes of thought).

Fatalities increase with speed, yes. Because higher speed means a crash has more destructive force than a lower speed. However, that does NOT mean that a higher speed CAUSES more crashes. It just means the crashes that may or may not have occurred either way are far more likely to kill you. And even at 65mph, if you wipe out, you're going to have a really bad day more often than not.

Comment Low-Tech Way (Score 1) 165

If you can, park the car so your windshield will be facing the sun most of the time. Then take one of those reflective sun shades, affix some decent (but not terribly strong) magnets to it, and put that on the OUTSIDE of the windshield. This way, the heat that would go into the windshield is reflected before it even enters the car. I would also crack the windows a bit, and maybe try one (or several) of those solar powered fans that go in the window. You obviously want to keep your goodies locked in the glovebox as well. This lessens the chance of someone busting a window to steal them, but also keeps them out of the direct sunlight, which is your biggest concern where heat is involved.

Alternatively (if you can afford it), get a car that has a solar panel on the roof to run the exhaust fans even when the key isn't in the ignition.

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