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Comment Re:NAT (Score 3, Informative) 717

You have 65,000 inbound ports. You can't possibly be peering with more then 1000 or 2000 other torrents anyway without completely destroying your bandwidth. Further, there is nothing that says SSH has to run on port 22. You just like it to because it's easy. There's no reason you can't NAT to 100 servers for SSH, run 50 webservers (with both SSL and non-SSL ports), torrent to 5000 of your best friends and still have 59,000 ports left to play with. And a translation table with 5000 entries isn't beyond the capabilities of anyone that might actually have the much infrastructure running behind the device.

Comment Ironic (Score 1) 107

It's completely ironic that the government would prevent a corporation from requiring that if it a supplied gives a better price to another customer, it has to give the same price to that corporation. Especially since the GSA requires that any government vendor do the same thing or its a violation of the False Claims Act. So seriously, how is it that an act that hurts the consumer is good for the government?

Politicians continually want it both ways, but this is seriously a waste of tax payers money.

Comment Re:Can't Even Boycott the Bastards (Score 1) 439

The worst part of this oil spill is that you can't even boycott BP effectively without also boycotting the local gas station owner and the whole refinery chain. Say that this shady keyword purchasing damage control made you so upset that you went down and picketed the BP station in your neighborhood. Well, you might be affecting BP a little but you're having a much larger impact on the guy who owns that station. A huge impact if you're there all day appealing to people's empathy for the Gulf.

What can I do? Write my senator demanding what exactly?

Actually, odds are that none of the gas you are buying at a BP station actually came from BP. The stuff all comes from the same local distributors who pass it back and forth like it's water. Local stations (none of which in the US are actually owned by BP) just pay for the right to use the name. To boycott BP you'd need to track their shipments in and out of places and then find out where things went. Unless the local distributors boycott BP (not likely) there isn't anything you'll be able to do as a customer. And besides, if BP goes under, who then will pay for the spill.


Shuttle Reentry Over the Continental US 139

TheOtherChimeraTwin notes that the shuttle Discovery will land at Kennedy Space Center on Monday morning at 8:48 EDT. The craft will make a rare "descending node" overflight of the continental US en route to landing in Florida. Here are maps of the shuttle's path if is lands on orbit 222 as planned, or on the next orbit. says: " takes the shuttle about 35 minutes to traverse the path shown... Observers in the northwestern USA will see the shuttle shortly after 5 am PDT blazing like a meteoric fireball through the dawn sky. As Discovery makes its way east, it will enter daylight and fade into the bright blue background. If you can't see the shuttle, however, you might be able to hear it. The shuttle produces a sonic double-boom that reaches the ground about a minute and a half after passing overhead."

Judge Chin Says He Will Cut the Google Book Settlement 38

Miracle Jones writes "In a move that has shocked the publishing world, Judge Denny Chin has filed a brief saying that he has decided to cut the Google Book Settlement in half, letting Google host the first half of every book the company has scanned, and letting other interested stakeholders fight for the rights to the rest. 'We think this is a hard decision, but a fair one,' said John Peter Franks for Google. 'We would like to be able to host and control whole books, but at least we get the front half.'"

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