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Comment Re:Not that easy to blame the contractors (Score 1) 786

"And how hard would it be to post an example here for our edification?"

You can get the file yourself HERE. It has been improved somewhat over the last week, but it's still full of errors.

Here is an example (from line 49, if the code is properly formatted):

resources['ffe.ee.shared.error.reviewInformation'] = 'Review the information you entered. If the information you entered is correct, select the 'Continue ' button. If the information you entered isn't correct, make any necessary changes, then select the 'Continue' button.';

Note that single-quoted strings can't contain single quotes. It doesn't work. The JIT compiler will end the string at the first internal single quote, and the rest of the line will be a syntax error. The file is full of these.

Down at the bottom of the file is the start of a function:

signIn: function() {
mixpanel.track("Log In");
var passwordStatus = "expired";
//for testing purposes... (this is a block of about 80k bytes of minified code, all commented out by those two slashes)...

... with no ending bracket. Another obvious and rather serious syntax error.

Those examples are by no means the only errors. And I only looked for syntax errors. I didn't try to analyze the code for runtime errors; I'm not a masochist.

Comment Re:Scientists == Always Right (Score 1) 197

A portion of public science spending should be set aside for replication.

This was the first thing that came to my mind as well.
It seems one group does something and everyone else relies on that, until something falls down at some distant point in the future.

At the very least, someone building upon a work that was not replicated should include replication in their proposal as the first step.
Often expensive, but not nearly so expensive as finding out later that the original was wrong.

(As for re-running the software, that seems risky at best, especially if the results could have been influenced by
buggy software, more so if it is custom software, probably less so if its just off the shelf statistical packages or some such).

Comment Re: Not that easy to blame the contractors (Score 4, Interesting) 786

"Requirement changes due to red states not implementing exchanges and their legislatures making any state assistance illegal constituted the majority of the development issues."

No, they didn't. Repeat: I *SAW* some of their code. (In was from the registration page, in fact.) And it was just plain bad. Quite literally terrible, inept programming. You would actually have to consciously try in order to do worse.

There may have been other contributing factors, but the plain truth is that they did a very poor job on the website.

Comment Re:duty to assist law enforcement agents?? (Score 1) 230

"Aww, I'm sorry your feelings are hurt."

The caliber of the asshole is just getting larger.

"Claiming someone "doesn't understand" your point after they've pointed out very specific and damning flaws with it"

All you pointed out was the degree to which you misinterpreted what I was saying. I have no apologies to make to you, and any necessary explanations have already been made. Repeating them won't help you understand any better.

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 4, Insightful) 362

I fucking hate this new system. Its a mess of scripts that call on more scripts. Its such a pain in the ass now if you want to have a program run when the system starts. Gone are the days of just adding a line to /etc/rc.local

Half of that is because either SystemD or upstart is really only about half implemented, and the half that is implemented is often trying to replicate sysv just to keep the conversion and learning task to something approaching manageable. Its kind of a mess right now in many distros.

As more of the system targets are properly implemented, and users start to let go of the concept of run levels, and get used to dealing with target files and the concept of units, it will be every bit as tailor-able as run levels were, and a whole lot faster.

I didn't find run levels and rc.d all that intuitive at first (many long years ago) and the scripts were more complex.

Comment Re:Canonical might suck... (Score 4, Insightful) 362

This is very true.

Like much in the linux world these days, systemd was rushed into production before it was half completed by too many distros.
At least you have to give Debian the credit for waiting until most of it is working, and all the necessary patches have been identified.

(The less charitable way of viewing it is that Debian sat back and let others do the heavy lifting).

Probably the worst case would be for them to choose upstart when the rest of the industry decides on systemd. That kind of divergence
makes for much more work patching everything that needs to be patched.

Comment Re:"apex predators" (Score 1) 258

This is only reasonable within the traditional capitalist framework where everyone has to work to earn their living. When you cling to that framework, as automation and other technological advances reduce the number of people required to efficiently create some product or perform some service, you have to introduce artificial inefficiency into the market so as to "create jobs". This is basically a form of the broken window fallacy, and, as such, bullshit. We need more efficient processes, and if that results in less workforce being utilized, well, perhaps it's time for universal basic income guarantee?

Comment Re:Not Fair (Score 1) 264

The chart I posted is Gross PROFIT, not Gross revenue. Profit is after you pay your expenses. Gross Profit is definitely of interest.

The fact that Amazon chooses to plow its excess income back into infrastructure instead of hording cash is reflected in the stock price appreciation.

You should read your own posted links, where it clearly says:

The most confounding thing about Amazon is that it doesn't seem to want to amass much, if any profit.

Instead of collecting big profits, CEO Jeff Bezos prefers to take whatever he makes and plow it right back into the company.

The old saying that everything that is known about a company is reflected in the stock price has proven true when looked at over the course of many months or many years. The market knows the value of Amazon, even if it escapes your meager understanding of corporate finance.

Comment Re:Ugh (Score 3, Funny) 362

I'm with this too. Fuck Canonical. They have become a real pain in the ass, and worst of all, they're a pack of fucking retarded assholes. I can't say it enough. Fuck Canonical. Fuck Canonical. Fuck Canonical.

Debian is one of the best distros out there, let's not allow the fuckwaddery that is Canonical and their arrogance and intense stupidity ruin it. The current init system works just fine.

Oh, and in case you didn't get it. Fuck Canonical. Fuck Canonical. Fuck Canonical.

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