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Comment Re:It's a tough job (Score 1) 518

According to that page on that site, _minimum_ pay for a pilot is 67k (which I would put a lot of money on being BS). Of course a different page ( says 16k-60k or 23k-250k (depending on if you are "regional" or "national"). And I assume for "average" they are using mean and not median which, from all I've heard of the industry, will make the numbers higher.

Comment Re:hey, it beats (Score 1) 545

People want free, anytime they can get it. Not a good business model.

I think the PS3 "video rental" is a good counter example, I'm a happy netflix subscriber ... and would be happy to give money to sony instead, for a comparable product. But the product is significantly worse and a lot more expensive. I assume they think the fact I can have it "instantly" should make up for that, but it doesn't.

If you then look at "buying" instead of renting, the product is a little cheaper but a lot worse -- and there are even weirdos with the price (like their "sales" which are much more arbitrary than any real shop could get away with). Plus the "instant download" feature isn't as big a hook.

I use the Amazon mp3 store all the time, I hear iTunes is doing great ... I'll likely never use the PS3 store again though. So just saying "people want free" is outright ignoring reality.

Comment Re:Err, why? (Score 1) 187

When it was launched, the DS was an experimental console, Nintendo's so-called "3rd leg". Nintendo had no significant faith in it, but threw it out there anyhow as an experiment while working on a proper Game Boy.

One consequence of this is that the components of the DS weren't necessarily picked as they would have been for a handheld designed to match the long life of a Game Boy.

It was an "experiment" sure, they didn't know it would succeed and likely had some backup plans. But to pretend it wasn't meant to succeed is just insanity. Nintendo haven't made a "top of the current gen. specs." console since the N64, so the fact they do that for the DS means nothing.

Meanwhile in Sony-land, manufacturing technology has finally caught up with the ridiculously overbuilt PSP, which was an absolute brick when launched. The Go has some pricing/design issues

hahaha ... you mean like the "issue" that it isn't backwards compatible AT ALL. So you can't buy any cheap used games, and PSP owners are basically forced to not upgrade. And combine that with the fact that it's digital only, so your gamefly subscription is useless and you need to buy two games if you have a spouse/brother/roommate/friend who likes to play occasionally (compared to the DS which not only let you share disks but often let you play limited multiplayer on one disk) and they are the same price as original PSP games (which have none of those restrictions).

I was interested in the PSP Go, when I first heard about it 3-6 months ago (mainly due to the size), but there's no way I'm getting one atm.

Comment Re:Theres one technical point (Score 1) 620

http:org/slashdot/tech/story/... (use SRV record)

I've always liked that idea (which I've seen before) because it treats subdomains in the same way it treats subdirectories under the document root

This seems like a really bad idea, to me, for that reason. Given the above, the client now has to do 4 DNS lookups (org,,, ... instead of one). Then depending on the rules, they'll have to see if exists, before falling back to Saying if DNS exists use that host would be terrible, saying if DNS exists and a webserver is there might be doable but would be really annoying as you'd have to migrate the entire sub-dir. On the other side testing what is there is much more expensive on the client side, and is bound to get screwed up with things like "oh someone put a global 301 mod_rewrite on so now nothing works"

Comment Re:After reciving an e-mail that appeared... (Score 1) 360

It's also well-known that if I had invested in the market back in last summer (2008), I would have lost about half the value of my investment.

No, not even if you were insanely unlucky. Even if you were stupid enough to put all your money into the market around the beginning of May 2008: the S&P is about 76% of what it was (not including the dividends you would have got) and the DJIA is about 75% of what it was (again, not including dividends you would have got) -- note that the worst day to invest was different in both cases, by a week or two.

And, again, a professional financial advisor would likely have told you to use Dollar Cost Averaging ... and you'd have to have been really unlucky to suddenly get a lump of cash to invest just as the market went down as it did. But, hey, set fire to your money for all I care (but I wouldn't recommend it to any lurkers reading this).

You mean those persons that worked for Lehman and other bankrupt firms?

Personally I use Edward Jones, but I'm sure there were plenty of good and honest people working for some of the companies that went bankrupt ... and I think it's very likely that people going to them have made more than people putting everything in a savings account and trying to guess the market.

Comment Re:When will MS learn (Score 1) 581

Well it's starting with the F11 (been and gone) and F12 changes to x86 support: F11 moves to i586+ and F12 moves to i686+

The stats. used to backup these plans were from smolt data, and download stats. ... IIRC the data was released on fedora-devel (as the data on those pages doesn't show that info.

The other point that was made (maybe on fedora-devel, maybe on IRC) was that the smolt arch. data is misleading as to usage of i?86, as that has been on a steady decline ... and there would come a time within the next few releases where only x86_64 would have any significant % usage (esp. if you remove machines which could be x86_64 but are i?86 atm.).

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 376

Sure, someone will fix it ... eventually. But why take that risk for 0.001 cents of disk space? It seems like the most retarded feature in the world to me, and yet I can't deny that people are asking for it in yum ... so you aren't the only person with a big OCD desire to remove every unneeded bit.

Comment Re:When will MS learn (Score 1) 581

How many processes have you seen complain that they are out of address space with only 4GB?

To be fair, there are now realistic cases where you want to mmap()/etc. a 4GB+ file. It's not always needed, and there are workarounds, but it's pretty soon going to be the case that 99% of users won't care if the developer starts making those assumptions.

On a related point within the next 12-18 months Fedora are supposed to have x86_64 as the only primary arch. so some code requires 8GB of virtual memory, it won't even be a primary bug anymore in Fedora.

Comment Re:After reciving an e-mail that appeared... (Score 1) 360

Yeah I know. It's only there temporarily, until I can decide if the stock market is going up-or-down.

Newsflash, by the time you've worked it out it'll have gone up already so it'll be too late. Second newsflash ... it's already recovered a lot, you've already lost 10-30%.

It's well known that when people try and guess/decide on perfect timing of the market, they lose money. Which is why no credible financial advisor recommends trying to do that. Go speak to one.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 376

Why would you not want to use APT on a server? What part of [...], easy security update application [...] do you not want on your servers?

APT has a security update application?

Doing a search the only things I found were like: this, which is from 2006 and just talks about the "special" security repo. doesn't point to anything like a security update application either.

Comment Re:It will be good if this passes, but... (Score 3, Interesting) 130

Who started up a campaign to end software patents? It wasn't Novell, or Red Hat,

Red Hat has always taken the stance that Software Patents are bad and should die, and I would bet they have done much more to further this goal than the FSF. If only because they are a company, and have much more money.

Comment Re:Enough with the FUD already! (Score 1) 440

I'm sick and tired of people spreading FUD about how 64bit programs are larger due to 8-byte pointers. [...] The hundreds of megs of RAM used by your browser and OpenOffice contain mostly your data

You don't think firefox uses a huge amount of pointers? The last time I saw a comparison by someone who was advocating that 64bit was always better showed a 20-30% RAM increase, and then tried to pretend that "didn't matter".

For new machines, I'd suggest 64bit+8GB now. But if for some reason you can't get 8GB of RAM, then you should seriously consider only using 32bit, IMNSHO.

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