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Comment Re: Calories (Score 4, Insightful) 440

Not to go all ad-hominem but could you find a source supporting the Ketogenic diet that isn't called ketotic.org?

It might be a great resource, and their literature review might be unbiased and very high quality. But they could also be a pair of diet evangelists outside of their field of expertise who are cherry picking and misrepresenting studies (intentionally or not).

They could be completely accurate and reliable, but they've also got all the hallmarks of YAIC (Yet Another Internet Crank).

Comment Re:"Microsoft abandoning it just as Yahoo is adopt (Score 1) 204

FWIW, Google uses stack ranking, too, although in a different way. I would expect Marissa is bringing more of a Google approach to Yahoo than the MS approach, but I could be wrong.

In Google's version, the rankings are done by peers, not managers, and they don't rank all of their peers, just a randomly selected subset (3-4 of them). I'm guessing all of the separate stacks get combined somehow (pairwise voting algorithms like the Condorcet method would work well) to provide some overall stack, but even then the result is only used as one input to performance evaluations, and not a heavily-weighted one. I'm told that its function is to double check the main evaluation method.

Comment Re:For those who want a $15 minimum wage in the US (Score 1) 702

Minimum wage is a bit of a weird thing economically. In the standard way of thinking it punishes the poor because they're unable to generate enough revenue to justify the minimum wage and thus go unemployed. In practice it tends to work differently since employers hiring bottom level employees aren't calculating the additional revenue as much as they're looking to fill a hole in their business.

They'll generally pay whatever is required, within reason, to fill that position. If the minimum wage goes up all those people at the bottom get a raise. If necessary prices go up as well and you get some inflation to compensate but the main effect is a mild wealth transfer to the poor.

Comment Re:Fan of capitalism (Score 1) 445

My concern with the Gates Foundation, like most of their ilk, is the paradox of doing good. Do the people who want to eradicate poverty, feed the world and cure all diseases ever stop to think what the long term consequences will be if they actually succeed?

They are contributing to an eventual population crisis and a crash which will be ever more spectacular the longer we keep staving it off with tech.

There should be an iron clad linkage that if you are going to be a do gooder that you are also going to figure out a way to insure all the people you are saving are going to stop having babies. Improving education and economic well being may eventually lead to this result but its slow and not a certain outcome.

You simply can't keep delivering ship loads of food aid to cultures where couples insist on having 12 children whom they can't feed without ship loads of food aid.

Religions like Catholicism and Islam who compel their flock to breed like rabbits are also doing this planet no favors. Many developed countries are finally starting to get their demographics under control, Japan and Russia are apparently heading towards demographic crashes. Unfortunately Africa, India and various parts of Asia are still breeding too fast for a planet that is being stretched to its breaking point, they need to stop.

China'a one child policy, as ruthless as it is, is doing more good than anything the Gates foundation will ever do for the planet.

Comment Re:"environment" (Score 3, Insightful) 332

Well clearly you do not understand what the word "problem" means

Apparently it means that the kernel community is looking for more (younger) participants.

Funny how all the a-holes on this thread are posting A/C, eh? Besides that, every business school researcher who's looked at this issue has found that the environment the parent loves reduces productivity. It's the hazing culture that perpetuates it.

Comment Already available (Score 1) 440

If you want an all-in-one food, it's available. Most drug stores stock "liquid nutrition" drinks which offer a balanced diet. In Japan, such products are popular. Calorie Mate, from Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. "Handy solid type Balance protective foods which gives your lips. Each 100-kcal serving contains Protein, Lipid, Carbohydrate, 6 different types of minerals, 11 different vitamins, Contains dietary fiber." Popular with Japanese salarymen who eat lunch at their desks.

Comment Re:Even runs on iPhone 5s... (Score 2) 177

It depends.

Once you're in steady state, and if you don't use workers and don't use the new parallel processing primitives people are proposing for JS, you're right.

But during JIT warmup, and any time you have to JIT a new function or new codepath it matters because on multicore hardware you can do background compilation.

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