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Comment Re:"environment" (Score 3, Insightful) 332

Well clearly you do not understand what the word "problem" means

Apparently it means that the kernel community is looking for more (younger) participants.

Funny how all the a-holes on this thread are posting A/C, eh? Besides that, every business school researcher who's looked at this issue has found that the environment the parent loves reduces productivity. It's the hazing culture that perpetuates it.

Comment Already available (Score 1) 440

If you want an all-in-one food, it's available. Most drug stores stock "liquid nutrition" drinks which offer a balanced diet. In Japan, such products are popular. Calorie Mate, from Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. "Handy solid type Balance protective foods which gives your lips. Each 100-kcal serving contains Protein, Lipid, Carbohydrate, 6 different types of minerals, 11 different vitamins, Contains dietary fiber." Popular with Japanese salarymen who eat lunch at their desks.

Comment Re:Even runs on iPhone 5s... (Score 2) 177

It depends.

Once you're in steady state, and if you don't use workers and don't use the new parallel processing primitives people are proposing for JS, you're right.

But during JIT warmup, and any time you have to JIT a new function or new codepath it matters because on multicore hardware you can do background compilation.

Comment Re:Interpretation of the 0.05 threshold (Score 1) 182

Obligatory XKCD [xkcd.com]

FWIW, tests like the Tukey HSD ("Honestly Statistically Different") are designed to avoid that problem.

I suspect that's how the much-discussed "Jupiter Effect" for astrology came about: Throw in a big pile of names and birth signs, turn the crank, and watch a bogus correlation pop out.

Comment I eat them and so do my chickens. (Score 1) 178

Radishes - both the bulbs and the greens - are just fine (though spicy) in salads.

Also: My chickens LOVE them, though they like grain, chard, bugs, and blueberries progressively better. (I'm not sure where mice and shrews fit into the hierarchy but I'm sure they'd be near the more-desirable end.)

A single large radish, tossed the flock, is the starting move in a game of chicken soccer. The radish quickly takes on the appearance of a soccer ball as they take enough bites to make it dotted red-and-white all over.

Comment Well, duh. (Score 1) 182

Johnson found that a P value of 0.05 or less — commonly considered evidence in support of a hypothesis in many fields including social science — still meant that as many as 17–25% of such findings are probably false (PDF).

Found? Was he unaware that using a threshold of 0.05 means a 20% probability that a finding is a chance result - by definition ?

More interesting, IMO, is that statistical doesn't tell you what the scale of an effect is. There can be a trivial difference between A and B even if the difference is statistically significant. People publish it anyway.

Comment Re:It is simple (Score 1) 499

And it's highly effective, Around here contractors will charge 4X the rate for any changes after 50% completion as it will require demolition and redoing work.

forcing the customer to decide what they want at the beginning of the project and not go off on "Ohh can you make everything blink? I love blinking things!" crap because they a re bored and have meetings about meetings to come up with new things to add to the website.

You dont get a realistic budget if you cant give me a realistic scope of work and design.

Comment Re:Most of the problems listed have a single cause (Score 1) 445

Poor logic, glad to see you play the game certain people want you to play.

Put your energy to thinking deeper instead of personal attacks.

In the case of Catholic priests raping children, it was actively hidden.

From the outside world, yes. Within the catholic church, the guilty were actively protected. Supporting people in their actions is a common way to show them they are ok. The same effect is visible in many other areas.

Comment Re:Philantropy for dummies (Score 2) 445

Micro-credit exists where a functional banking system for the poor is regulated out of existence...it is more a symptom of an over-regulated & poor economy than a solution to one.

Where do you get your information from? Some of the countries that have the highest success rates with micro-credits have pretty much no regulation whatsoever in banking.

Banks don't do what micro-credits do, period. If they would, they had a century to prove it and failed. Interestingly, after micro-credits were successful to the point of attracting the interest of the Nobel Price committee, several banks tried to move into this sector, smelling good business. They failed miserably.

If nothing else, that proves that you're dead wrong. Even where no regulations or economy stop them, banks a) didn't provide this service and b) when they tried it was a failure. In the same countries, micro-credits driven by non-profit interests were and are successful.

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