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Comment As a longtime Sim City player, I am sad (Score 4, Insightful) 386

This setup is the stupidest thing to come down the pike in a long time. I can understand having the DRM to be able to play online. What I don't understand is why there is not an offline mode that does not allow you to take advantage of all the online only features and who's gameplay doesn't affect the online version. And the article shows just how far they have gone into looney land - no constructive feedback allowed. This will be literally the first Sim City I will not own. I have bought literally every version of it over the years including the original Sim City.

Comment Re:There is a $500 fine for this (Score 2) 597

No, not really. They would force the accuser to pay the fee. I don't know about 50k, but 5k should do the trick. There should be some cheap outsourced labor somewhere who can add a small amount of intelligence to tell if the video really is what the script thinks it is for the copyright holders. And if some of that fee was returned to the person who had it removed then we'd have incentive to go after it each time.

Comment Re:My W-2 just shuddered with the Force (Score 1) 415

I think your Math is off because boomers are retiring in full force now. My mom was a Baby boomer born pretty much right after the war, She would have been 66. But most of your serious campers are a bit younger. They are in their 50's and have retired early, not late. Kids are out of the house and they either worked for a private company and/or owned one that is now most likely in the hands of their genx kid, or they worked for the govt and retired after 20 years of service. which also explains why RVers are overwhelmingly veterans. The ones that are plus 65 many times stay in one campground for weeks, they don't travel as much as you think.

Comment Re:Fructose is processed like a toxin, that is tru (Score 1) 1017

If you want to do this try having a glass of OJ (high pulp or not) with a bowl of oatmeal with some cinnamon on it - lotsa fiber and good taste even without the sugar with the cinnamon. Also - not to long ago it was common for restaurants to serve juice in a small 4 ounce glass. Even Mcdonalds had it in a pre ackaged 6 ounce container. It's a recent thing to have 8 or even more commonly 16 ounce servings, which is waaay to much. Fruit juices CAN be good for you, just not in such quantities. also, one other suggestion -- orange water. juice yourself one half an orange into a big glass of water. That right there is better than any softdrink and is fairly sweet if you mostly drink water. Stop drinking anything but water or unsweetened tea or coffee for three weeks- even skim milk will taste downright sweet afterwards.

Comment Re:August (Score 1) 1146

Be careful what you wish for on this one though. My lovely geek wife of 12 years didn't play videogames. We led a happy existance (pocketbook wise) by me buying all the latest and greatest, and her getting the hand me down parts making a faster machine for her every once in a while.

Then I got her started on MMO's....

Now everytime *I* get an upgrade, *She* gets the upgrade too.


But it is a blast playing online with her. The one thing we've discovered is she like pretty much the same all the time. She's a dedicated raider on wow. Me, it took me 3 years of off and on play to get my day 1 priest to get to lvl 60. I reup for a month or two every 4-5 months then get bored again and go play something different... Thank goodness there's not many games I have to buy two of right away!

Comment This won't work unless they build airport stations (Score 1) 1385

Milwaukee, WI built a airport station. Flights leaving there (and thus reducing Ohare's congestion) have gone up because of it. I think what really needs to be in the mix with this plan is airport stations all around. Think of the smaller cities in between these cities -- Lafayette IN., Racine WI., Bloomington-Normal IL., etc.

Hop on the train from Madison, WI and head to ohare for an international flight... or Minneapolis or Milwaukee... Or heck, sometime you see goofy prices IN Madion, or Indy, or Louisville...

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