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Comment Re:mod parent up! (Score 1) 858

A mid-range Mac, yes. But what he said was a mid-range tower. If you want a desktop Mac that doesn't use laptop parts, and that costs less than $2000, you're very much out of luck. I just want something I can install a real graphics card in that won't cost me my firstborn.

Comment Re:Really that big deal? (Score 1) 589

How is being poor supposed to be an excuse? I have nothing but sympathy for the working poor, but this has been coming for a long time, and people have known about it; you can't turn on a TV now without being blasted with the "transition" messages. If TV is that important to your friend, he should have been squirreling away his nickels and dimes for the last couple of years. If he starts right now, he only needs to save a dollar a day and he can buy a converter the day the transition occurs. If he can't do that, then he really has no business watching TV anyway, because it obviously isn't that important to him. And if you want to make the claim that he is so poor that he can't save a dollar a day, then remember that he could have been saving up for much longer than that. It's not like he didn't know.

What good would another delay do anyone? In another year, people will still be making the same argument and the same excuses. The same will happen a year after that, and a year after that, ad nauseum.

Real Time Strategy (Games)

Starcraft 2 To Be a Trilogy 253

The Starcraft 2 gameplay panel was an eventful one at Blizzcon today. The developers faced an obstacle when designing the game; the plans they had were just too massive to implement in a single game on anything approaching a reasonable timeline. Their solution was to divide the game up into three separate, stand-alone titles: Terran: Wings of Libery, Zerg: Heart of the Swarm, and Protoss: Legacy of the Void. Read on for further details.

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