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Operating Systems

Submission + - Google finally announces war with Google Chrome OS

thehunger writes: After years of speculation, Google finally announces a new Linux-based operating system that targets everything from Netbooks to full Desktop systems. If there ever was a declaration of war on Microsoft, this is it. And while time will tell if Google will succeed, their strategy seems remarkably simple. Capitalize on the fact that Windows is bloated, slow, cumbersome, vulnerable, and doesn't really do what most people spend most of their time on: the web. So yeah, release a light-weight and open source operating system that consists of the Linux kernel, a new light weight windowing system and tight integration with the web. (Sound familiar?). Google already has a few killer web apps, so if this new OS spreads then each new web application will chip away at Windows' dominance. Certainly this is an example of disruptive technology in the making?

Comment Re:Problem with the Spec (Score 1) 627

Agreed. It reminds me of the early USB 1.0 standard which wasn't specific and precice enough to avoid vendors creating multiple, partially incompatible versions. The problem is: the spec allows for multiple interpretations, and Microsoft can see the opportunity to corrupt a competing standard here. "Hey, we DID implement the standard like you demanded. If documents aren't interoperable with the competition, then it is a poor standard. You'd better stay with OUR document format, then."

Comment Tool in Hans Rosling's infamous TED presentation? (Score 1) 180

Professor Hans Rosling used an impressive tool to visualize data from UN and other sources to debunk myths about the third world. I don't know what the tool is called, whether it is available, open source or what not. I got the impression from the presentation that it was specially written for the task. No idea if the data sets qualify as complex, but if I had to visualize data I'd certainly check out if this tool is available.

Comment Ubiquity is essential (Score 1) 187

Even if the hardware turns out to be superior, that doesn't translate into success. For this thing to succeed, it needs lots of users buying it and lots of top-notch games requiring it or at least using its features. Bundling it with one game isn't going to cut it. Why do we hear about this this way, instead of Sony announcing future PS3's will feature these controllers (and current PS3's will work with them) ?

Comment Re:IPX was actually a very nice protocol (Score 1) 102

Yes, IPX/SPX was ok and with its broadcast mechanism easier to use - no need for DHCP servers and manual router configurations. The problem I had with Novell was with their use of the Ethernet_802.3 ethernet framing. The idiots grabbed and implemented the draft spec too early and ended up with their own implementation, one WITHOUT the 802.2 header. Result? The only protocol you could use was IPX/SPX because there was no protocol ID field. Idiots! Anyway, I do remember we struggled with router tables filling up from all the SAP broadcasts in our 400+ server environment.. Obviously with 1-minute interval broadcasts, things weren't as scalable...

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