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Comment Re:Missing option (Score 2) 290

If I download something through a "well known reputable source" such as windows updates from Microsoft or games through Steam I will max out my bandwidth at the speeds Comcast advertises. I rarely get full speed through other sources though.

I'm never sure if it is the actual site bottlenecking, just Comcast's connection bottlenecking to that site, or Comcast throttling bandwidth for certain traffic.

Comment Sure we do. (Score 1) 119

Nobody born and bred in the U.S of A. ends their correspondence with cheers.

Lots of us do - and have for decades.

I've used it in email practically since there's been email - and I was born and raised almost in the center of the "radio accent" heartland.

It's short and often just the right tone for ending a written communication.

Comment Re:The really sad thing... (Score 1) 152

We had rockets that went to the moon.

And when we got there, we found lots of jagged dust.

We had supersonic transport.

Which we already knew was horribly expensive due to (a) the effort required to slice through the air that vast, and (b) the heat generated at such speeds.

We built the fastest airplane ever,

And retired it because flying that fast is so fscking expensive!

we built several different airplane models that are still in production and have yet to be surpassed.

Because in the real world, there are always engineering trade-offs between physics and economics, and it turns out that the sound "barrier" is in actuality an economics barrier.

Yes, it saddens me, but I've moved on from youthful sci-fi dreams.

Comment Re: It's all good until (Score 0) 245

the microwave downlink gets misaligned and burns down the city block next to the ground station.

10 years ago, the first comment to an article such as this would have been about robots with Messiah complexes, and the second would have welcome our new Robot Prophet Overlords, IN SPACE!!

The science fiction nerd quotient of /. has tumbled.

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