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Comment Re:Server farms in Ecuador (Score 1) 396

It varies and depends what you consider "rural USA".
My parents live in a town with a population under 2000 and no bigger town within 20 miles which is considered rural according to wikipedia. In their town they have access to fiber optic, cable, dsl, and 4G LTE internet. The fiber moved in 5 years ago. 10 years ago there was Cable and a bunch of DSL providers and the cable speeds were a blazing 10 Mbps.
But I have also heard of 2500 population towns where the fastest internet you can get is still a crappy 1.5 Mbps dsl.

Comment Re:Chrome phones home with ID code (Score 1) 391

Post NSA, I try to avoid Google services.

Since the NSA has been around for 60 years, and Google for 14, what exactly do you mean by "Post NSA"?

not much if you're in the USA, quite a bit if you're not and behind an ISP NAT

What if you're in the USA and not behind an ISP NAT?

BTW, WTH does ISP NATting have to do with this?

Comment Re:US Citizens Only (Score 1) 451

Foreigners in this country (whether legal or illegal) *do* deserve extra scrutiny from our security services, and they *don't* deserve the same quantity or quality of protections as do US citizens.

(The questions then become those of degree and scale, and the answers aren't simple.)

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