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Comment Re:Get whoever did Kentucky's website (Score 1) 559

The Kentucky exchange uses the Federal Data Hub (as does the California site) to get data to use for qualification. That is a huge piece of the exchange system. The hub pulls in data from all sorts of other systems, including the IRS (which as perhaps the largest computer system in the Government other than the military).

The hub, apparently, is doing okay.

Comment Re:And this is only sign-up (Score 1) 559

The way costs are calculated and paid for is not as complicated as it sounds. The RVU system "Relevative Value Unit" for calculated prices is not terribly complicated, even with all the caveats, addenda, regulations, special handouts, etc the entire documentation of it, for tens of thousands of procedures, is perhaps a thousand printed pages. That covers formulas for regional price differences, competitive differences, customary charges, and all sorts of other local oddities.

Comment Re:Why reinvent the wheel? (Score 5, Funny) 663

Part of my job a couple of years ago was handling university archives. I was exposed to a large number of essays written by college students from ~1890-1910. They were all on the level that I was expected to write freshman year of high school.

Hush. You're bringing relevant facts into a discussion of cherished golden-age mythology. You're supposed to join in the wailing and gnashing of teeth over our decline from those halcyon days (always conveniently just out of living memory) when people were upright and moral and true, before the rot set in and we declined to our present sad state of affairs. O tempora! O mores!

Comment Re:Endy is no longer the leader in this field (Score 4, Interesting) 41

Yeah. I don't know enough about his work to comment, but when I read the part about how all this computational stuff is just too confusing for those poor biologists, my bullshit alarms went off. Speaking as a bioinformaticist, whose job it is to bridge the bio/CS gap all the time, I've observed that computer scientists often have at least as hard a time grasping biology as biologists have grasping computer science. Endy's kind of smugness does no one any good.

Comment Re:Blame it on the Kiwis. (Score 5, Insightful) 165

You do not just get to handwave away the threats. You have to answer them -- even if it's just to say "Then that is the price we will pay."

Okay: then that is the price we will pay.

More precisely, that is the price we might pay. Personally, I think the price will be a lot lower than you say--but I'm willing to take that risk. Because there is nothing al-Qaeda or any other bunch of troglodytes is going to do to us that's worse than what we can do, and are doing, to ourselves.

Happy now?

Comment Re:Its good they're doing this research (Score 1) 70

Yet Julian Simons won the bet.

You might want to read down a little further in the article:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simon-Ehrlich_wager#Other_wagers (especially the last sentence of this section)

Simon got lucky once. His track record overall isn't so hot.

Comment Re:Thank goodness (Score 1) 999

"Better" may not have been the right word. More convenient ? More expedient ? More choice ?

Private health covers gets you into elective procedures quicker, gets you niceties like private rooms, and the like.

I don't think the care in the private system is any better, though.

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