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Comment Re:What exactly is slowed? (Score 2) 180

Does this sort of thing cover both the aging of the body and the brain?

Does it cover both the aging of the body and the heart? Both the aging of the body and the liver? Both the aging of the body and the third toe on the left foot?

I know what you meant, but I get really tired of people acting like the brain and the body are something separate. The brain is part of the body; a complex and unique part, to be sure, but essentially it's just another organ. So if we can slow down aging generally, most likely our brains will benefit just as much as the rest of our bodies will.

Comment Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 1) 458

The question is who makes the sale. At a flea market, the owner of the venue does not make the sale.

Now, let's say it's not a flea market. It's instead a big expo space, and people pick the items they want, and take to a common cashier, who rings up the sale, takes the money, and pays the vendor, keeping the balance for his or herself.

Thats what Apple is doing. They are a classic distributor. This is not rocket science or new. Apple bears the cost of the transaction - whatever that entails.

Comment Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 1) 458

The legal situation is far worse than that.

The first principle is puffery - the Courts (and black letter law) have said that there's a whole class of stuff that companies can say that aren't literally true, because no one expects them to be true. "20% better" is the classic example of puffery.

The other bad situation is misleading/fine print. The Courts basically always come down on the side of business. has routinely won cases where they can argue away "Total Charges" because buried in the fine print is caveats that "Total Charges" does not include all charges needed to use your reservation.

Comment Re:Why is Apple the one being sued? (Score 4, Insightful) 458

We can't have nice things in the US, because Freedom!

Our Supreme Court has said time and again that because big corporations are people, and because people can say what they want and join whatever religion they want that companies can routinely lie to you. Puffery and Freedom!

Comment Re:Basic Statistics Deception (Score 1) 400

I'd just like to ask: where in this exchange was there ANYTHING about "denying" ANYTHING?

If I see "such-and-such biological structure is too complex to have arisen by chance," I don't need to see the word "create" to know the person making the post is a creationist. If I see "Barack Hussein Obama" and "Kenya,", I don't need to see the word "birth" to know the person making the post is a birther. If I see a rambling post about Israel, the melting temperature of steel, and the patterns of building collapse, I don't have to see the word "truth" to know the person making the post is a 9/11 truther. Etc.

Comment Re:Basic Statistics Deception (Score 2) 400

Oh, please. This experiment is performed over and over again on Slashdot, on every story on the subject, and the results are plain to see. Most AC posts go unnoticed because they're AC, but for those that don't, there are plenty of responses giving links to easily accessible information on the actual science involved ... along with lots of upmods for the person making the original post, and responses talking about "warmism" and the huge piles of money allegedly being made by the AGW conspiracy and "hah hah, Al Gore is fat."

Comment Re:Voting "Accident"? I think not. (Score 1) 343

American ballots aren't as simple as you think they are. We have lots of candidates for each office (almost all the time, the Democrat and the Republican are the only ones most voters have ever heard of, but there's no shortage of others) and tons of ballot initiatives as well. Granted, we don't have the problem of major parties with confusingly similar names, but that's mainly because we're so boxed into the two-party system, without even a semi-major third party to act as a spoiler most of the time. On the rare occasions that candidates who aren't (D) or (R) get the top spot on the ballot, they do tend to get a lot more votes, probably for exactly the same reason as happened in this election.

Comment Re:Basic Statistics Deception (Score 2, Insightful) 400

Hey, careful. This is Slashdot. When it comes to AGW, stating the obvious truth can get you lots of negative mod points.

Or it can get you lots of upmods from all the Bold Individualistic Un-PC Rebels Speaking Truth To Power just like you.

Like religious fundamentalists, denialists pretending they're a persecuted minority are simultaneously pathetic and hilarious.

Comment Re:no ghettos pre-internet? (Score 1, Insightful) 452

Don't forget the part about beating some guy's head into the pavement without checking to see if that guy was in a position to defend himself.

Don't forget the part about being followed at night by an aggressive stranger, who is considerably bigger than you and may be (and in this case, of course, was) armed. Also don't forget the part about how you live in a state where you have the legal right to stand your ground. But maybe you should forget that last part, because Terms And Conditions May Apply.

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