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Comment Re:Scary indeed! (Score 1) 140

Seconded. I could spend more than an hour just on the multi-story spiral slide and in the grotto surrounding it.

Not to mention the stuff they host -- a children's circus, corner shoelace maker/store, papermaking and glassblowing exhibits. And at night, live music, or the outdoor firepits w/ marshmallows provided. One of the upper floors has been converted into condos. I still dream about living on top of that festival.

My only bad experience there was checking out their petting zoo / aquatic exhibit. Some of those animals seemed just this side of mis-treated.

Comment Re:Ageism (Score 2, Informative) 507

I wonder if you're not in the US, because here we don't have the luxury of deciding not to pay our school taxes. They're (generally) bundled into the real estate tax & not paying results in liens on your house. The only option is to move to a different school district.


Herschel Spectroscopy of Future Supernova 21

davecl writes "ESA's Herschel Space Telescope has released its first spectroscopic results. These include observations of VYCMa, a star 50 times as massive as the sun and soon to become a supernova, as well as a nearby galaxy, more distant colliding starburst galaxies and a comet in our own solar system. The spectra show more lines than have ever been seen in these objects in the far-infrared and will allow astronomers to work out the detailed chemistry and physics behind star and planet formation as well as the last stages of stellar evolution before VYCMa's eventual collapse into a supernova. More coverage is available at the Herschel Mission Blog, which I run."

Comment control your appetite (Score 1) 865

Check out the Shangri-La Diet, at Trick yourself into being less hungry.

Easy to try, and it's worked for me, as well as a heck of a lot of people on their forums.

You don't need the book, it's more an explanation of why it works. Just get some extra-light olive oil and start by taking a tablespoon in the middle of a 2-hour taste-free window (no gum, no toothpaste, no cigs, no food, no soda).

FAQ post at forums:

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