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Comment Re:McDonalds! (Score 2) 709

The guy who cooked up the "100% Angus burger" sales gimmick was brilliant. It's just another breed of dairy cow, although the term somehow suggests quality. The truth is that all the good cuts of beef are sold at premium prices in grocery stores and restaurants. The stuff that's pulverized into fast food burgers is the garbage left over after the good cuts have been stripped. It makes no difference that it's 100% Angus garbage.

Comment Re:McDonalds! (Score 1) 709

Beef is graded according to quality - Prime, Choice and Select are the better cuts. Bargain cuts are Standard and Commercial grades. Fast food burgers are made from the garbage meat (utility, cutter and canner). So, yeah, it's cow meat. Just not good quality.

Comment Re:This can't be true (Score 2) 180

A well trained crew does not simply declare an in-flight emergency for fun. They'd much rather proceed to their destination than put the aircraft down at the nearest alternate after an ear-popping emergency descent which is rapidly followed by an emergency evacuation and a transportation board investigation. As for your assertion that their reaction was manic, do you remember this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swissair_Flight_111

Comment Re:And we care because why? (Score 1) 250

Dear mother of god. There is nothing reasonable about a company that offers free storage of your photos suddenly announcing, "we're changing our terms of service to give ourselves the right to sell your images now." Instagram's business model is an updated version of the dotcom asshattery that made such a mess of the industry a decade ago -- attract seed money, convince VCs that the unprofitable 13-person "company" is The Next Big Thing because millions of people use its free service and then cash out by dumping it on a hoodie-wearing nitwit who's willing to pay a billion dollars for site that crops photos square and applies ghasty filters to them.

Comment Re:And we care because why? (Score 4, Insightful) 250

Because Instagram is a massive cloud service that tried to take ownership of content generated and curated by its users. It's about as reasonable as a hotel declaring that you, your luggage and your kids are their property simply because you're in one of their hotel rooms for the night. Perhaps there is a sliver of hope that the CEO of a future hot company will remember The Instagram Implosion and step away from similar behaviour. I won't hold my breath, though.

Comment It's all about repeat sales (Score 1) 425

Can you imagine how small the Lego section of a toy shop would be if they sold generic sets? There'd be six or seven sets of varying size, perhaps with a few accessory packs (wheels, people, gears). And next year... The exact same sets would be sitting in exactly the same spot. By marketing hundreds of sets as specific creations, the company can pad shelf space and (more importantly) give my kid something to choose between when shopping for a friend's birthday. In the end, all the parts end up in a huge bucket in the closet that's used to create weird and wonderful space ships, bizarre marble mazes and all manner of buildings.

Comment Re:More advertorial service from Slashdot? (Score 2) 69

Just because something isn't the first doesn't mean it should be dismissed. The news here is that the PengPad Kickstarter project was successful. It's a strong indicator that there is a market for multi-boot tablets that aren't locked down, although I suspect it will be a year or two (if ever) before we see top notch hardware in that niche.

Comment Re:Mass Mail (Score 1) 473

That's not true. USPS is by far the cheapest way to send or receive a package internationally. It's also the only way of sending a physical document across the country for well under a dollar. I suspect that there's an incredible amount of waste in the system -- cutting Saturday delivery is easy, as is the idea of integrating postal counters into existing businesses (mini outlets in supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores) where possible. Rethink door-to-door delivery (Canada Post has been using community mailboxes in new neighborhoods for years, dramatically increasing carrier efficiency).

Comment Re:Depends on the law. (Score 1) 333

Having worked in the software division of a large engineering company for almost a decade, I am sure. From the Alberta association's web site: "APEGA generally recommends that unless a person is a professional member of APEGA, they should avoid using the words “engineer”, “geologist”, “geophysicist”, or “geoscientist” in any position title or representation to ensure that they remain in compliance with statute and to ensure that no one is misled by their title. This is because the EGP Act prohibits unlicensed individuals or companies from using titles that represent or imply that they are entitled to engage in the practice of engineering or geoscience."

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