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Comment Another cat.... (Score 1) 222

Curiosity killed the cat, it appears to be MacOS compatible. It is your standard launch a bunch of browser windows and play nasty stuff type thing.. Also tries to launch your mail app.

Another cat here. Wow- that was quite a ride.

I'm running OS X 10.5.7 on Intel w/latest Safari 4. This thing also fired up iChat, created many blank emails, and- most worrisome- launched Terminal. Yikes- time to pay attention to that "don't run as admin" advice.

There were over a hundred open Terminal windows by the time I regained control. Four different types of Terminal screens:

==== 1 ====

login: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

[Process completed]

==== 2 ====

login: fork: Resource temporarily unavailable

[Process exited - exit code 1]

==== 3 ====

Could not open a new pseudo-tty.

==== 4 ====



Any opinions on how bad this was?

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This is clearly another case of too many mad scientists, and not enough hunchbacks.