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Comment Re:How is this different from a carving? (Score 1) 258

only if you could make an exact replica with your skill and try to sell it. if you try to sell it as the original, it would be forgery. if you try to sell it as your own it would be copyright infringement

How about if I printed an object, then died and didn't leave my heirs any instruction on disposition of the object and they sold it at my estate sale -- ?

Comment Where is the capitalism? (Score 1) 1029

What's counter-intuitive is that, if Hollywood sucks pond water, yet people still want movies, why any number of other things haven't occurred:
  • More alternative locations challenge Hollywood. Sure, Sundance: but why haven't festivals begotten more local challengers?
  • More amateur auteurs, given the lower barriers to entry for hardware.
  • More traditional stage productions.

I suppose its a time/money/advertising thing, but this craptacular economy seems like it should be freeing up some time to explore for some folks.

Comment Re:100% inaccurate. It's art and is not reality. (Score 1) 120

yeah ... I've done a little bit of designing WiFi networks to work in very difficult locations, and the general thought experiment is to think of both ends of the path as the points of a football. Unless there's ground in the way, in which case the football goes through the earth, except when it doesn't. Or if there's a metal roof inside the football, except all of that is illusory and not really what it looks like, to the extent that anything exists and is not virtual. It's not like visible light in its behavior, and these get wildly different at different frequencies.

I get the impression that Tesla could visualize it, but most humans just don't have it in them.


New Zealand Government About To Legalize Spying On NZ Citizens 216

Flere Imsaho writes "After admitting they have illegally spied on NZ citizens or residents 88 times (PDF) since 2003, the government, in a stunning example of arse covering, is about to grant the GCSB the right to intercept the communications of New Zealanders in its role as the national cyber security agency, rather than examine the role the GCSB should play and then look at the laws. There has been strong criticism from many avenues. The bill is being opposed by Labor and the Greens, but it looks like National now have the numbers to get this passed. Of course, the front page story is all about the royal baby, with this huge erosion of privacy relegated to a small article near the bottom of the front page. Three cheers, the monarchy is secure, never mind the rights of the people. More bread and circuses anyone?"

Comment Re:Better plots? (Score 4, Insightful) 1029

The problem is they are relying on customers to tell them what they want in movies. I

Not surprisingly, the easiest things to describe are described ( Explosions, stars, special effects), and the more difficult things to describe are not described well ( plot, character development, etc...).

Its like a GM in baseball using viewer feedback to determine how to build his team instead of actual measurable facts ( hits, walks, strike outs, innings pitched, earned runs, etc).

Comment Re:No wonder ... (Score 1) 384

I've found the reboot much more emotionally engaging and entertaining than the original ever was. The production quality and so on is only part of that -- the actual content is just better. Integrating so much of the original concepts as nods to the original while going off on a new more exciting tangent was very welcome in my home.

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