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Comment Re:Mobile is the future. (Score 4, Insightful) 315

As a game developer do you: Risk a multi million dollar budget making a high def AAA title for the big consoles or spend 10% of that for higher potential return at lower per-sale price in the mobile market. Given the cost to develop, are you more willing to risk trying something original (that may flop) in the console market, or mobile?

It's a no brainer, and why the console market is the same old stale recycled garbage, and the mobile market has some of the most original game ideas seen in decades.

This whole "must be 1080p!" is what is killing the gaming industry. Because the games now cost so much to develop, no one wants any risk, and thus nothing original is attempted as it is risky. So we end up with "Call of duty 14" or "need for speed 25", which are mostly just re-skinned versions of the same old shit we've been playing since 1991.

Comment Re:Vaporware... (Score 2) 315

Thing is, that's the nerd in you speaking.

The average casual gamer doesn't care. Example: wii being best selling current generation console: worst graphics.

The current iphone/appletv/android hardware is more than good enough and it is CHEAP. The games are CHEAP.

They work across devices - your tablet, smartphone and maybe TV set top box.

Top level graphics may matter to you (and me), but the average casual gamer just doesn't care so long as it is "good enough" and cheap. The new Xbox and PS4 are both good enough but nowhere near cheap enough and the games are expensive.

Comment Re:One of these things is not like the other (Score 4, Insightful) 315

q: how many girl console gamers do you know?

How many games do the girls you know have on their phone?

My answers are: 2 and if my ex is anything to go by, 50+. Every single smartphone owning girl I know have many games on their smartphone. The mobile gaming market is many many times larger than the console market.

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