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Comment Re:In related news... (Score 1) 239

Ummm ... second link in TFS. This one here:


Look at the caption under the "Post Office" picture. It reads:

The Post Office previously said it had "absolute confidence" in its branch accounting

also this from the body:

"The review underlines our cause for confidence in the overall system."

I suggest you try ctrl-f or cmd-f (looks like a clover on a mac keyboard) before doing the citation rant.

Comment MOD PARENT UP (Score 0, Offtopic) 221

The contraposition of this story with the fate of John Corzine deserves to be highlighted.

Here we have the a US intelligence agency, saying it needs to snoop on millions in a supposed effort to protect them from threats. And yet John Corzine, who openly stole customers money, is not being prosecuted, despite the reams and reams of records and evidence against him and MFGlobal.

What we see here is that information does not correllate with prosecutions, or effectiveness at protecting people from harm.

Comment Re:Can stuxnet victims ... (Score 2) 491

Again Mossad is not the problem. In fact, the NSA or Mossad developing a virus to sabotage Iranian centrifuges or what have you is also not the problem. This is what spy agencies are for. The problem is when the NSA develops viruses which affect, or engages in espionage on, the US public. The NSA is not supposed to do that.

Again, I raise the analogy of the US military dropping bombs on US citizens; they don't do it because they're not supposed to. The same rules should apply to the NSA and its espionage bag of tricks.

Comment Re:Actually Protest This Shit (Score 1) 181

Might also want to point this article out when they says they have nothing to hide and don't care:

http://www.salon.com/writer/radley_balko/ then click on the link to his article: âoeWhy did you shoot me? I was reading a bookâ: The new warrior cop is out of control
(for some reason, salon put a " in the URL which makes linking to the article directly really hard).

Sending in the SWAT team to break up home poker games for example.

More ominous, using the SWAT team to conduct warrantless searches of businesses and every customer on the property as part of "administrative searches" related to the business license. You literally can be totally innocent and get shot to death just by being in a business somebody in government has hard-on for.

People need to know that the 4th Amendment matters, and even the innocent can die from its abuse.

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