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Comment Re:Actually Protest This Shit (Score 1) 181

Might also want to point this article out when they says they have nothing to hide and don't care: then click on the link to his article: âoeWhy did you shoot me? I was reading a bookâ: The new warrior cop is out of control
(for some reason, salon put a " in the URL which makes linking to the article directly really hard).

Sending in the SWAT team to break up home poker games for example.

More ominous, using the SWAT team to conduct warrantless searches of businesses and every customer on the property as part of "administrative searches" related to the business license. You literally can be totally innocent and get shot to death just by being in a business somebody in government has hard-on for.

People need to know that the 4th Amendment matters, and even the innocent can die from its abuse.

Comment Re:Actually Protest This Shit (Score 3, Insightful) 181

As just one thing, vow that you will not vote for any candidate who does not support a full and complete pardon for Snowden. Even if you think your candidate is a "lesser evil" -- all that has gotten us is whole bunch of evil. Make the politicians fear for their jobs.

Send donations to charities that do good work in nations that will harbor Snowden. Yesterday I emailed public contact addresses at the embassies for Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Boliva requesting suggestions. I hope I get some, but if that doesn't work, there's always google.

It is important to talk about the issues and protest them, but it is even more important to take concrete steps in support of those issues.

Comment Re:Actually Protest This Shit (Score 5, Insightful) 181

Yeah, the Seattle restorethe4th rally was scheduled for July 6 at noon at Westlake Center/Park. It was about 80 degrees yesterday, and not a cloud in the sky.

I showed up after driving for an hour and half, walked around in circles looking for the protest. I saw three cop cars, three ambulances, a dozen cops, and a Jesus Freak with a sign asking "what does Jesus mean to you".

I didn't break out my sign -- I figured it would be bad PR to have a protest only as big as Jesus Freaks could muster, because that makes the issue easily dismissed, ignored, and made fun of.

Posting web pages and not doing anything ... is not fucking doing anything. It is unbelievable to me that Anonymous can organize large protests against the CoS, a group that harms a tiny fraction of the world's population, but Seattle can't get 10 people to show up to protest an issue that threatens almost every person on the planet. That's fucking appalling.

Comment Re:Actually Protest This Shit (Score 2) 181

Yeah -- I wonder this too. I've been thinking about redoing my home desktop with encrypted everything, thinking about going back to a very vanilla OS, wondering if it should be Linux or BSD --- and yet I still question if it even matters from a technical point of view. I have no idea what's really on my mobo.

As for phones, I would bet that is much more likely considering how there is so much less hardware diversity than there is with PCs, plus they're the perfect bugs with video and audio capability: no need for taking risks breaking into a house or business to install them or have them found -- hiding in plain sight.

Comment Re:Actually Protest This Shit (Score 1, Interesting) 181

Yup, in the few minutes it took to type that, AC already got in one of those bullshit comments.

Pathetic. Be complacent now and we'll all look like goatse in a few years time, begging for more. And idiots like this AC are gently guiding our hands to our ankles.

No more complacency!

Comment Actually Protest This Shit (Score 5, Insightful) 181

There is a huge danger in the "we already knew they did this" thinking you see posted everywhere.

We already had suspicions, and very well founded ones considering AT&T's NSA room, but the information we are getting is different. It has confirmed beyond any doubt those suspicions are true and those who believed them not foil hatters. Why is this important? Because if we do nothing in the face of absolute confirmation, it means that the DC pukes will know they have mandate to do all this and more.

So quit being complacent "I told you so" time wasters, and get down to working for change. This is quite seriously, a "now or never" moment.

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