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Submission + - Web Communities Patented By Invetor iKimbo, Inc. (

neoform writes: "In 2003 iKimbo inc. patented:

System for creating a community for users with common interests to interact in


An Information and Application Distribution System (IADS) is disclosed. The IADS operates, in one embodiment, to distribute, initiate and allow interaction and communication within like-minded communities. Application distribution occurs through the transmission and receipt of an "invitation application" which contains both a message component and an executable component to enable multiple users to connect within a specific community. The application object includes functionality which allows the user's local computer to automatically set up a user interface to connect with a central controller which facilitates interaction and introduction between and among users."


Submission + - Fast-Moving Web Threat Spreads Around The World

Adam writes: HNS has a story about an accelerating infection in Italy of seemingly legitimate web pages loaded with malicious code that could plant a keylogger to steal user passwords, or turn computers into proxy servers for various other attacks. Tens of thousands of users worldwide have already accessed compromised URLs, oblivious to the threat as a result of their natural web surfing activity. The initial HTML malware takes advantage of a vulnerability in so-called "iFrames" that are commonly used on websites and commonly exploited.

Submission + - 'Italian job' Web attack hits 10,000 sites

maximus1 writes: Online criminals have installed malware on more than 10,000 Web sites over the past few days, primarily in Italy, according to Trend Micro Inc. and Websense Inc. Infected Web sites contain a short piece of HTML "iFrame" code that redirects the victim's Web browser to a server that attempts to infect the victim's computer using a tool called MPack which installs a keylogger and a Trojan downloader program on compromised PCs. Insiders refer to the attack as the "Italian Job" which refers to the Michael Caine heist film.

Submission + - Evidence found in White House E-mail Scandal (

Spamicles writes: "According to a report issued by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, at least 88 White House officials used Republican National Committee (RNC) for government business. Law requires emails sent by officials to be stored or recorded. There is evidence that White House lawyers and the Attorney General knew of this but did not act to stop it."
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Journal SPAM: Hair Here! Will looks matter in 2008 Presidential Race?

Much has been made recently of the clip of John Edwards brushing his hair to I feel pretty. The video was clearly an attempt to embarass the Senator but it could have exactly the opposite effect. While the only constitutional requirements for becoming president are being a natural born American and being over 35 years of age there are a long list of unofficial requirements solely based on looking at who have been our presidents since the start of our country. For example, all of our president

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