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Comment about taxes? (Score 0) 2369

I like how helping poor, sick bastards is now considered "redistribution". Last I checked that was just being a decent fucking person.

Oh, and btw, you can be working and not pay income tax. It's called being POOR AS SHIT.

Mr. Obama's plan also calls for giving a $500 tax break to Americans making $75,000 a year or less, and rebates to those who don't pay income tax. Mr. McCain's campaign calls that "welfare." But unlike welfare -- payments to people who aren't working -- Mr. Obama's rebate would go to people who are. It would essentially beef up the earned-income tax credit, a policy that originated with Republicans. And even those working Americans who don't earn enough to owe income taxes pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. Mr. McCain himself has proposed a $2,500 health-insurance credit that would be available to individuals who don't pay income taxes.

Mr. Obama also has been accused by Mr. McCain of advocating a government takeover of the health-care system. It's true that five years ago, before he was a U.S. senator, Mr. Obama endorsed a government-run system. His current plan, however, would bolster the private employer-provided system of health insurance. It would require larger businesses to provide coverage or pay a fee to help finance a plan with the options available to federal employees and members of Congress. Small businesses would be exempt from the requirement, but would receive tax credits if they cover their employees. Existing government programs for low-income Americans would be expanded.

Mr. Obama's plan takes a similar approach to the one adopted in Massachusetts under former Republican Gov. Mitt Romney. Somehow, Mr. Romney has escaped the socialist label.

This is an odd time for the Republican ticket to accuse Mr. Obama of socialism. Mr. McCain, along with Mr. Obama, backed the Bush administration's $700 billion bailout of the financial system -- the biggest government intervention in the economy in decades. Mr. McCain suspended his campaign to work for the plan's passage, and blasted Mr. Obama for not doing the same.

There's no question there are fundamental differences between Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain on economic policy. Misleading labels are a poor substitute for an honest discussion of them.


The Trouble With TiVo 369

BobCratchit writes "Multichannel News has an interesting take on TiVo: The DVR company has incredible mindshare but is totally dependent on cable providers to survive. Cable does not have many good reasons to let TiVo thrive. As a result, TiVo is destined to fade away unless it can carve out a niche as the cool kids' DVR (a la Macintosh) with products like the $299 HD DVR it just announced. From the article: 'TiVo has long been a darling of consumer-tech reviewers -- check out, for example, these happy hosannas from BusinessWeek, New York Times and Wall Street Journal. These guys are constantly befuddled that TiVo hasn't been more successful. Yes, TiVos make cute little popping noises when you click the remote. And they definitely provide cool features, like suggesting shows you might be interested in. But the cognoscenti enamored with TiVo's whizziness ignore a certain reality. It's easier to get a DVR from your cable company. And most people prefer to rent, not own, a set-top.'"

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