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Comment Re:Typing speed? (Score 1) 535

As a native Chinese speaker fairly fluent in English, I can type about 80wpm in English, while my Chinese typing speed is about 60-80 characters per minute depending on the input method, equivalent to about 40-50 English wpm. While English is faster to type, it takes a bit more time to form the correct sentence, so overall there isn't much difference in e.g. IM.


Julian Assange's Online Dating Profile Leaked 334

Ponca City writes "The Telegraph reports that an online dating profile created by Julian Assange in 2006 has been unearthed from OKCupid disclosing that the WikiLeaks editor sought 'spirited, erotic' women 'from countries that have sustained political turmoil.' Writing under the pseudonym of British science fiction author Harry Harrison, Assange described himself as a 'passionate, and often pig headed activist intellectual.' Assange said he was seeking a 'siren for [a] love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy' adding that he was 'directing a consuming, dangerous human rights project which is, as you might expect, male dominated' and added enigmatically: 'I am DANGER, ACHTUNG.' Among Assange's listed interests were the 'structure of reality' and 'chopping up human brains' – although he added the caveat '(neuroscience background)' lest the latter put off potential admirers. 'I like women from countries that have sustained political turmoil,' Assange wrote. 'Western culture seems to forge women that are valueless and inane. OK. Not only women!'"

Comment Unpublished changes (Score 1) 244

Sometimes you want to do some experimental work that is complicated enough to be version-controlled, but not stable enough for other developers to see yet.

In SVN you have to use a branch, and SVN branches are not that convenient to use. Otherwise, when another developer checks out the tree or commits his own changes, he will see the unstable changes you have committed.

In Git you can simply commit your experimental changes and push them (or let others pull them) when they are ready.

And if you frequently want to push immediately after commit, just make such a shortcut.

Comment Re:Rampant Fraud in China (Score 1) 140

From what I have looked at, I would not call many of these "legitimate" in terms of whether enforcing them (if even possible) would do the world any good. But then, IMHO hardly any patents in my field, applied in any country or by companies from any country, are what I would call legitimate. Patent trolling is so ethically reprehensible that anyone deciding to join the game might as well commit plagiarism/fraud/bribery/etc. as long as they don't get caught. It's a fair game like spying in a war.

Comment I want properly configured SELinux (Score 1, Interesting) 408

There are a few sensitive files in my home directory, such as my private key in ~/.ssh and a few configuration files that contains passwords in clear text. I really don't want these files to be shared inadvertently, yet they are currently treated as ordinary files by the SELinux on my Fedora 10 system, so any process running under my account can access these files. Of course I can still relabel the files and change my SELinux policy, but this is beyond the ability of most people. It is a shame that SELinux, with its huge potential, is so hard to use that it still provides very little security for an ordinary user.

Comment Truetype bytecode interpreter in Freetype (Score 1) 493

Truetype fonts generally contain some information for hinting purposes, i.e. they tell the font renderer (Freetype) the best way to render the character at small pixel sizes. The "bytecode interpreter" that makes use of such information is available in Freetype, but the method is patented (IIRC by Apple) in the U.S., so most distributions turn it off by default. Without such information, Freetype has to decide the small-size rendering method all by itself ("autohinting"), and some people may find the result blurry.

If you are not in the U.S. or don't care for software patents, there are plenty of information on the Internet about how to turn on the bytecode interpreter in Freetype. For example, in Fedora you can simply download Freetype's source RPM and recompile it with rpmbuild using some --with options.

Comment An IT analogy (Score 3, Interesting) 204

The same reason system administrators are reluctant to reboot their production servers in order to apply a kernel patch that fixes serious performance issues. Government downtime is costly. And in this case we have a fairly invasive patch involving a new algorithm, and although the algorithm itself is well researched, the specific implementation needs extensive testing for which good spare hardware is unavailable.

If only we had a good simulator to test political ideas on...

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