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Comment Re:Importantly (Score 1) 263

Your anecdotal data point is representative of how risk is being moved from organizations to individuals, and income volatility is increasing even for highly educated workers (in the U.S., of course). See "High Wire" by Gosselin for detailed statistics. When Suze Orman switched to telling people they need 1 year of income in cash for emergencies, the shift in risk, the increase in income volatility, is the "why".
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Journal Journal: LightScribe Ink?

LightScribe is HP's new, long-delayed, and still-not-shipping technology for labeling recordable CDs and DVDs. Basically, you have to buy special discs coated on the non-data side with a dye, and special drives. Then, after you burn your disc, you flip it over and use special software that uses the drive laser to burn a "silkscreen-quality" monochrome graphical label into the disc.
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Journal Journal: Hurricane Season? Offsite Backups

Some people with downed Florida ISPs are switching ISPs as though they've really solved the problem. Of course, every ISP in every part of the country is vulnerable to being knocked out for an extended period of time. If your web site needs to survive extended downtime, you really need a backup plan designed to let you relocate your website to another ISP within a matter of hours.

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