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Comment No, it is not like a bank run. (Score 4, Informative) 353

Banks only keep a portion of deposits on hand. This is standard regulated procedure called "Fractional Reserve Lending". No bank can return every despositers funds on demand at the same time. None of them. Anywhere.

When bank runs occur, there is a systemic lack of funds to meet demand due to fractional reserve lending.

This is simply not enough supply to meet demand, and not similar to failure of fractional reserve lending at all.

Comment Re:A slightly unrelated topic... (Score 1) 988

I know if I get cancer I'm doing exactly what the doctor tells me,

As a thyroid cancer survivor, I don't recommend this. Doctors are both cautious and aggressive... this is their paycheck.

I had the tumor out, I wish I hadn't followed their advice to have my entire thyroid removed. The results of that are felt every single day for the last ten years...

Comment Re:value is now OBJECTIVELY DEFINED by the market (Score 2) 314


Yes, actually. Just as a frictionless surface by definition requires no force to maintain velocity.

The fact that neither exists in the real world without external energy being fed into the system escapes most people, sadly.

Comment Re:Right on! (Score 0) 271

I am perfectly comfortable saying "Not now. I'm busy." to my child. Generally that will include a "sweetie" on the end, but I wouldn't say I've never said them on their own.

I've never said "Shut up." and including them in same category is probably what is causing so many to question what you've written.

Comment Re:Right on! (Score 1) 271

Shut up. Not now. I'm busy.

These are words that should never be uttered by a parent to a child.

...if you want your child to grow up thinking that they should be the center of attention in every situation they enter.

On the other hand, if you want your child to be a polite and functional member of society, you can ensure they aren't in any immediate distress, and then explain to them that they can wait briefly for your attention.

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