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Comment Re:I don't need (Score 1) 909

They also censor artists who criticize Walmart.

This is correct. In the late 1990's Sheryl Crow had a song with the lyric Watch out sister/Watch out brother/Watch our children as they kill each other/with a gun they bought at the Wal-Mart discount stores. It was banned and to this day the album isn't available in stores (or online). It is available on their download site here. Go figure. For details on the controversy, see here.

As for the story at hand. I've learned to mostly avoid the App Store and the entire iTunes store. It isn't worth it anymore.

Comment Re:Hold the Phone, or even better Read the Article (Score 1) 450

....or even better, Real the Documents!

You can find Reagan's 1983 Executive Order on the subject here. In my reading of the text, it puts INTERPOL under the rules of the International Organizations Immunities Act in all areas except for customs duties and tax. Obama's Executive Order (which is here) appears to put INTERPOL under the remaining rules that Reagan didn't do. If one wants to blame Obama for giving INTERPOL unlimited immunity, then Reagan should be blamed as well since he put the organization under this Act to begin with.

Comment Re:No, actually the original IS copyrightd... sort (Score 1) 447

It isn't just the UBS 4 (and NA 27) that is copyrighted. The most current edition of the Majority Text by Maurice A. Robinson is, but he gives it away (see here). The only PD Greek texts I know of would probably be the Scrivener edition of the Textus Receptus and the Westcott & Hort text as both were completed in 1881. Its sad it is like this, but what can you do?

Comment Re:But (Score 1) 423

I really agree with this post. When I was shopping for a replacement for my Creative NOMAD II in 2004-05, I was amazed by how much Apple's competitors were trying to out iPod the iPod. The worst of these was Creative. Their Zen Micro line was a dead ringer for the iPod, interface wise. This seems to still be the case all of these years later. In short, if these companies want to get folks out of the iWorld, they need to step up their game and not try to out iPhone the iPhone. Only time will tell if this happens.

Comment Re:Presidents (Score 1) 155

On the other hand "Peaches" charted on the Billboard Hot 100 at #29. However "Lump" never charted on the Hot 100. The song however peaked at #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart.

As for me, I remember the Presidents from back in the day - mainly for "Peaches". I got the debut used last year and really like it as well. Overall I prefer the Presidents to what passes for music now.

Comment Re:Obviously a vast Left wing conspiracy (Score 1) 785

Hello all,

Obama owns an iPod; see the Chicago Sun-Times.

As for your other point, I agree with you about this being something the Zune doesn't need. Two years ago, I saw the Zune and wasn't that impressed. As someone who has used various iPods and Creative's NOMAD, I'm not gloating. This could have happened to any device out there. To me this is just another MS goof in the worst way. Didn't they learn anything from Y2K?


Submission + - 20/20 airing Hans Reiser interview on eve of trial 1

An anonymous reader writes: ABCNews 20/20 television magazine will broadcast an interview tonight with Hans Reisier, the author of the Linux ReiserFS filesystem, who is accused of killing his wife, although no body has been found. Jury selection is complete, and the trial is schedule to begin next week.

Submission + - Tom from MySpace is Phishing 148,000,000 Friends!

SkyDude writes: "From Wired Blogs: If we spent our time reporting every scam, phishing attack and other security hack that hit MySpace we wouldn't have time for anything else, but this one is funny. Someone apparently hacked MySpace's "Tom" account (the default friend for all new members) to send out a link to a phishing scam. Not news really until you consider that the Tom account has roughly 148,059,490 friends. What we'd like to know is how much money a phishing attack against MySpace can really generate — do they ask the marks to steal their parent's credit cards or something? [via Digg]
http://blog.wired.com/monkeybites/2007/01/the_morn ing_reb_9.html"

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