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Comment Re:Money ? (Score 1) 302

I've personally met Gary Haugen, and know a number of people who work/have worked for IJM. Their main goal is to get laws passed in countries which do not have laws against slavery, and then to get those laws enforced. Often this involves using influence with first world countries to pressure these countries into applying their own laws.

Their other role is to bring (generally US) trained law enforcement to these countries to train local law enforcement to collect evidence, etc. They then use lawyers to pursue individual cases, and train local lawyers in their own laws so they can effectively prosecute slave owners. When they loose cases (which are always cut and dried) they investigate how the judge was bribed and take legal action. They will keep this up until they get all the way to the top.

My guess is that most of this money will go to getting law enforcement and lawyers on trips to India to do this. They will also use the money to change attitudes in the US, so that Congress can be coerced into doing the right thing (like adding anti-slavery clauses to trade agreements).


Comment Re:The legitimate projection of force. (Score 5, Informative) 566

If you watch the videos, you see that Lt Pike instructs the students (who are blocking his exit with detainees, i.e obstructing the police - but they were trying to get arrested because they wanted to force the cops to arrest everyone) that if they don't move when the police car which they are bringing gets there, then he will shoot them.

That is not a legal order. He can only say "I will arrest you, and I might hurt you if you resist". He also doesn't keep his word: he pepper spays them instead of shooting them, and he does so before they have an opportunity to move out of the way of for the police car. Moreover, he prevents the other officers from trying to move/detain them.


Comment Re:Oh no! (Score 1) 339

I use prepaid on a smartphone because it is the best deal. I don't download movies on my phone, and it connects to wifi in it's most common locations. Hence I only use 15MB or so of data a month. Buying a 100MB ($20) package every now and then and a monthly 1MB ($5) package every month so the 100MB keeps rolling over, means I can go for about 6 months, at $20+6*$5=$50, or just under $10 per month. If I had a contract, that would be $30+ per month on top of my contract. Don't be fooled by Costco pricing - just because it is cheaper to buy in bulk doesn't mean it is cost effective. Although I'll definitely change to the new plan - my rate will be a around $6/month then.

Comment Re:No P.E. required. (Score 2) 705

>P.E's are just something that at the end of the day are a legal check to sell engineering work.

The point of a licensed professional engineer is that they take personal legal responsibility for their work. As in - if the building falls down and kills people, the government will charge them with manslaughter, and you can sue them personally for damages regardless of where they now work.

The rest is just red tape so that the courts can find them.


Comment LLVM (Score 1) 192

If you're going to do this in the long run, it would make more sense to distribute LLVM byte code and compile that to native code on the host... That way you have small diffs to the byte code, and also you get targeted optimization (and maybe even custom profile guided optimization).

Comment Re:Sad code, sad article (Score 1) 465

I always wonder why C (and C like languages) don't have a loop like this:

do {
} while (condition) {

It seems easy to parse and would be quite useful since this kind of loop is all over the place... IMHO it's more readable than a while(1) loop with a break.


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