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Comment Re:Card catalogs (Score 1) 160

...part of the Peabody Museum. Which is part of Yale. Which (drum roll...)... in New Haven.

Well, at least they got the city name right. When I was in Data Systems at Southern New England Telephone (also in New Haven), I got a look at a cleaned-up list of city names in the Customer Records and Billing master database. According to it, we had at least one customer in East Fartford (rather than East Hartford), which might've shown up in "F" rather than "H" in the example you gave...

Apple Promises Mother Lode to Billionth App Downloader 119

An anonymous reader writes "Apple has posted a counter of App Store downloads as they approach one billion downloads. The lucky billionth downloader gets to walk away with a stash consisting of a MacBook Pro, 32GB iPod Touch, Time Capsule and $10,000 iTunes gift certificate. The App Store now has over 30,000 applications."

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