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Comment Snapshots/CDP - what a lot of rubbish (Score 1) 403

"It is common now especially with SANs to use Snapshots and CDP" - Is it!? Snapshots yes, CDP no way, how many use that other than banks, and banks willbe making damn sure they have good backup processes in place.
"but any block level changes would mean an increase in the replication traffic" - Block level changes are occuring all the time, snapshots won't make a difference and the snapshot size only increases if there is more changed data since the last snapshot.
"we still need to defragment as fragmented volumes take considerable time to backup" - this does not apply to all SAN technology, certainly not Netapp.

If the section on Snapshots/CDP is anything to go by then the not only is the article rubbish, but the original research behind it probably suspect.

Social Networks

The Ethics of Social Games 75

Gamespot is running a story about the ethics and morality of the social games market, which in recent years has exploded to involve hundreds of millions of players. Between micro-transactions, getting players to recruit friends, and the thin line between compelling games and addictive games, there are plenty of opportunities for developers to stray into shady practices. Quoting: "The most successful social games to date have used very simple gameplay mechanics, encouraging neither strategy nor dexterity but regular interaction with the game ... Although undeniably successful, the existing social game framework has been the subject of much debate among game developers from every corner of the game industry, from the mainstream to the indie community. Some, like Super Meat Boy creator Edmund McMillen, are particularly strident in their assessment. 'Social games tend to have a really seedy and abusive means of manipulation that they use to rope people in and keep them in,' McMillen said. 'People are so tricked into that that they'll actually spend real money on something that does absolutely nothing, nothing at all.'

Comment Re:Active Directory Rights Management Services (Score 2, Interesting) 237

The best solution to your problem probably would be using Microsoft's AD RMS.

Can this solution be used without an Active Directory environment?

There are plenty of organisations out there using other authentication, authorisation and trustee management mechanisms, just wondering what their options might be.

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