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Comment Re:Police side of things. (Score 1) 515

Video lacked context? I think most reasonable people would agree with me when I say, "WHAT THE FUCK?". So if a suspect resists arrest, then the officer is justified in spending the next ten minutes caving his head in with repeated kicks, and tasering the guy two dozen times non-stop?

What bullshit. I've always been a pro-law enforcement type, and cops like this disgust me. Police brutality is police brutality, full stop. Fellow cops who support cops who do this are part of the problem -- gutless cowards.

Comment Re:Indicative of id lately (Score 1) 102

You obviously haven't played Rage on iOS. Otherwise you'd realise that it's every bit as good a game as any Wii title. Now, I do think that games like Wolfenstein and Doom have aged ungracefully and I really hated Doom 3 and found it monotonous and tiresome, but Rage for iOS is actually a pretty fun and well thought-out mini game.

Comment Re:Nothing new here (Score 1) 693

I'm going to sound like a high-minded and pompous jackass here: why should you emulate your students' bad attitude? Just because they're lazy ignorant slobs doesn't mean you have to be one. Be your own man, don't follow the others like a sheep. You're on a mission, and that mission is not dependent on other people's feelings, attitudes or moods.

Yeah, 90% of people are dull and boring. Doesn't mean you have to be.

Comment Re:Mega ISPs already are (Score 1) 354

Typical mindless, baseless Slashdot drivel. Use your brain before you post.

It's quite sad how suckers like you have bought the whole "Google is angelic" propaganda hook, line and sinker. Google is just another corporation, like Apple and Microsoft, and they will always do things that are in their own interests.

How is Apple "owning your whole experience" and "lobbying for legislation to turn their wants into law"?

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