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Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 848

You're not thinking broadly enough. PC != keyboards.

When people say post-PC, what they really mean is post-desktop computers. In the future, people will be using "tablets" which will dock with keyboards or similar input device when you need to do hardcore work. Oh, and they'll dock with big screens too, of course. Data all stored in a ubiquitous cloud.

So instead of tablets, laptops and desktop computers, we'll have just tablets. With docks on steroids.

Comment Re:The post Steve Jobs Apple! (Score 1) 526

Typical Slashdot Apple hater delusion. They were always going to do this anyway, whether Steve Jobs was at the helm or not. Or was Steve Jobs not CEO of Apple when they open sourced Mach and WebKit?

So the answer is no: Apple won't "open up" now that Steve is gone. Apple will continue to do what it does best.

Comment Re:Maybe on purpose? (Score 1) 327

If you want to see artificially restricted production runs, just look at most of Apple's competitors. Do you see it working for them? There's your answer.

Apple doesn't need to restrict its production runs. Its products fly off the shelves as quickly as they can stock them.

Comment Re:I will most certainly be modded troll for this. (Score 1) 1027

Wow. I thought I've already seen all the zealous and delusional Apple-hating posts on Slashdot. Yours definitely takes the cake, impressive and amusing at the same time ("user demands for flash"? What the hell...).

If you don't like the direction that computing is taking with Apple at the helm, you're sorely out of luck, because things will only accelerate from here. It'll be a glorious new era of computing, more people-friendly, more user-focused. Bring it on!

Comment Re:Without R&D investment, innovation WILL fal (Score 2) 321

I bet Apple's success really annoys the hell out of you. All those mindless sheeple buying shiny glossy worthless gadgets because of Apple's "marketing" and "Reality Distortion Field", right?

You couldn't get any more ignorant. Apple succeeds because they understand technology and human beings. I think you'd be surprised how little they spend on marketing -- certainly nowhere near the 70% you claim. Apple's products are superior over the competition, so they sell themselves. There's no secret to this, it's just good old-fashioned hard work and vision, something that most companies lack.

Geeks who hate Apple should at least try to understand what drives its success, rather than ascribe it all down to "marketing" and the general public being mindless zombies. They could learn a thing or two about real strategy and innovation. Apple will eventually go down in history as the most influential and successful computing company in history, eclipsing even Microsoft.

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