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Comment Re:Less powerconsumption = less cooling (Score 1) 52

"Laptops stay a few generations behind desktops, in terms of memory and bus speeds, memory and cache sizes, CPU speeds, etc."
  You still don't get it. My question is do you need the fastest "state of the art" hardware. If the answer is no, go with the lower end gear. WHo cares how fast a bus is if it is as fast as it MUST be.

Comment You might want to get out while you can (Score 3, Insightful) 146

How did this manager get to this 50% number? Was there a thorough end-to-end review with feedback and analysis from all stake holders? Or is this some half baked idea from reading vendors' web sites and intended to boost the new director's resume? You did not mention anything about a review so I suspect the latter.

You will never win this battle. I have never seen anyone win a battle like this. Bail out now and preserve your reputation. But before you go share your concerns with as many high level managers as you can.

Comment Less powerconsumption = less cooling (Score 3, Interesting) 52

I've pointed this out a number of times. But people do not seem to "get it". If you can reduce your power consumption then there is less waste heat and then less cooling cost. Note too that if your applications use lots of disk reads/writes and network IO with the cpu in a waiting state then you can save power by using a lower end gear. E.g. laptop chips and slower memory vs full blown "Enterprise" hardware.

Comment Wants to live in silly valley? (Score 2) 395

Try, "can afford to live in silly valley". Six figures is minimum wage there. I interviewed for a job in Pittsburgh. The more I looked at it the more I liked it. I would've made more money and paid about $100k less for a good house in a decent neighborhood. In a city home to CMU, University of Pittsburgh, Biotech companies, and regional energy companies. And brew pubs.

If you want a good standard of living, go east.

Comment Let's do a skills check list (Score 2) 207

EE degree and trained as a pilot. Obviously trainable, check.
Able to work as part of a team, check.
Able to work under pressure, check.
Communications skills, roger that.
Able to supervise and mentor others, check.
Can be trusted to properly operate expensive hardware and software, check.
Shows initiative while following direction and procedures, check.
Attention to detail, check. Pilots who are not die.

When can you start?

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