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Comment Re:I think expectations are too high... (Score 1) 454

It is foolish to assume that there is no other life in the universe. It is also foolish to assume it is only a matter of scanning the skies with a radio telescope to find it.

There are a lot of these "What if?", pie-in-the-sky arguments for SETI, but the hard truth is that it may be impossible for us to detect intelligent life with current instruments, and we have nothing we can do if we were to find that life.

I'd like someone to tell me the SETI endgame. Let's assume we can detect a signal. Then what? We can't communicate with them. We can't visit them. It wouldn't be likely that they are broadcasting information we could really use, and even if they were, it probably wouldn't be strong enough to decipher.

SETI is a foolish waste of money. People argue that it is like winning the lottery, and it is worth the cost to play. I say that the chances aren't significantly better paying a dollar for a number than they would be simply finding the winning number discarded in a gutter.

Comment Re:Pedal was stuck physically to the floor. (Score 1) 499

Not in Drive-by-wire. It used to be that the pedal was hooked to the throttle, so a cruise-control system had to open and close the throttle (and the move the pedal) to adjust the speed. Toyotas now use a pedal position sensor attached to the pedal itself that gives the position of the pedal to the main computer and that computer adjusts the throttle. Since the throttle is no longer physically connected to the pedal, the pedal is not adjusted by the computer when in cruise control or ever.

I work on the automotive industry and have held the offending pedals in my hands. They are simply spring loaded and there are no servos that would hold the pedal down while the throttle is open.

Comment You know what? (Score 1) 1136

I don't fucking care anymore. You can run around like chickens with your heads cut off and ruin all scientific debate. Not like there is a science that hasn't been completely poisoned by politics and greed at this point.

There are very few scientists that have the guts to say that they may not know something. I thought that was the point to science. They are all too afraid to lose that grant money or corporate sponsorship. Science isn't about a scientist's career. It is about finding the truth. Cooperate. Listen and address valid criticism. And can we stop with the poorly veiled Holocaust references. A "Climate Change denier" doesn't want to destroy the world or your family or Jewish people. Act your fucking age.

One final thought: stop pretending that environmentalism is altruistic. That's complete bullshit. Environmentalism is about the survival of humans, and honestly, that's the way it should be.

Comment Re:I was bullied constantly until... (Score 1) 938

My anger boiled over tons of times, but I never had the heart to really hurt someone. I'd lose my temper, perform a pathetic display of attempted violence, and then I'd cry afterward. That didn't help. People said I was socially inept, but I'm thinking more and more it was just that I was different. Then again, I have gender problems, so I'm probably a rare case.

Comment Re:Lasers, Xrays, etc. (Score 1) 281

1) This is all pure fantasy to begin with.

2) How many stars do you know that have a 1 AU radius and peak in the infrared? Exactly. And don't say dwarf, a dwarf that big couldn't exist without collapsing in on itself.

Goddamn it. Now I feel like that kid in 7th grade who did a class presentation about achieving warp speed without warp drive.

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