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Comment Re:Unlucky, Apple... (Score 1) 170

More than likely, I can see MS having a hard time with vendors implementing it right, and perhaps simply going up to Jobs and saying "hey you got an iPhone that uses ActiveSync...let's extend that partnership we'll give you a special license deal on this tech - here's what we have in mind for uses with your device - make it happen and we'll take some percent of your profits" and Apple saying "neat, sure - let me see what we can cook up".

Even if Apple and Microsoft compete on several fronts now, when it comes to making money and business sense I'm sure both of the know when to partner up to make something cool even better - if it make sense.

Though I guess it's more fun to imagine some Microsoft vs Apple duel going on where they winning party is the company you like the most.


Monty Python Banks On the Long Tail Via YouTube 222

JTRipper writes "Monty Python seems to have done the right thing. Instead of issuing take down notices of their videos on YouTube, they are doing it better themselves with their own YouTube channel. They are putting all their clips (including snips from their movies) up in a decent resolution, with the only caveat being a link to buying the movies and TV episodes from Amazon."

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