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Comment review is fail (Score 1) 224

The numbers don't tell much. Part of adding flash cache is supposed to be so frequently used data can be accessed with much lower latency and more randomly, and it's not aiming to speed up a single application but the entire system. It would have been nice to know how the desktop performance improved or "felt" - overall responsiveness of OS and application loading, multitasking, etc. That's where the performance improvement is going to be.

Comment more like x86-64+GPU instructions combined.. (Score 2, Interesting) 138

I look forward to seeing what AMD's new architecture brings. It's not really interesting thinking about it as integrating a GPU into the same space as a CPU, but creating one chip that can do more exotic types of calculations than either chip could alone and making it a available in every system. I'm also envisioning "GPU" instructions being executed where normally CPU instructions were when not in use, and vise versa, basically so everything available could be put to use.

Comment it's not about how much you use it.. (Score 1) 307

What they're pointing out, and what I have noticed personally, is that once you discontinue use after a long period of time, you experience physical and mental symptoms of discomfort/boredom/trouble concentrating/anxiety, etc. So while you're using the Internet and technology, you undergo a physiological change similar to what an addict might experience while using, ie extreme pleasure/release of dompamine/wathever... and your body has a similar withdrawal reaction when it goes without.

Comment Re:Translation for the legislative impared. (Score 1) 703

I think you're all wrong about what he means by being a victim/perpetrator; he might be talking about statutory laws that make it illegal for children to consent to engage in sexual activity. Somehow he seems to be a believe that sex-ed will promote underage sex with peers, and in by doing so be a victim and violate someone else at the same time. Perhaps?

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