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Comment Re:Not at all (Score 1) 99

While it appears to only apply to Comcast, that could be a good start. Now, with those restrictions perhaps their lobbying mechanics will change... as long as what another poster mentioned: that this applies for all inet video (and?) services, not just a select few.

Specially with Comcast as one of the most egregious of players for throttling etc. Now we need a large player to pony up legit torrents for dispersal and prevent any throttling there as well.

Comment Re:Destruction of evidence (Score 1) 364


My ex used to work at an assisted living community and had to deal with a real "window licker" who would pleasure himself loudly as he licked said cold window at night waking up others... I met him once on a field trip when I went to help out... although he sure likes his windows, even he wouldn't be silly enough to mistake the two such as the GP. Please, think of the window lickers before making such comparisons.

Comment Re:Rape = Bad (Score 1) 421

Newsflash, 'Foxhaters': Fox is not the only network to pick and choose what they say and how, and/or to use the words of others in the same way in order to boost their ratings. There have been many egregious examples of this by the other AlphabetSoup mass media outlets - ABC/CNN/PBS/CBS/NBC/BBC etc etc...

No shit. However, this article is about FOX. Submit one and discuss the other egregious examples of this AlphabetSoup mass media bullshit so we can enlighten those here who aren't as keenly aware of their surroundings as you. Don't "hate" on slashdot for discussing this blatant bullshit.

Comment Re:Hit them back (Score 1) 783

Heathen! I have it on good authority* that he does not cower what so ever.

Kristopshit is actually his middle name and when he is not trolling on slashdot he is continuously legally changing his last name to numerical form.

*mum face authority.


Submission + - Motorola Orders 800K Xoom Tablets For Q1

adeelarshad82 writes: According to recent reports, Motorola has ordered 700,000 to 800,000 units of its upcoming Xoom tablet for the first quarter of 2011. For those who are keeping count, Apple sold between 600,000 and 700,000 iPads on the first day. Motorola Xoom was first spotted at CES 2011 where it was well received. Infact, analysts feel that perhaps, this may be the first tablet truly armed to take on the mighty iPad.

Submission + - Cause of male baldness discovered (

HalifaxRage writes: Experts say they have discovered what they believe is the cause of male pattern baldness. It is not simply a lack of hair, but rather a problem with the new hair that is made. A manufacturing defect means the hair produced is so small it appears invisible to the naked eye, giving the classic bald spot or receding hairline. The US team told the Journal of Clinical Investigation the fault lies with the stem cells that make new hair.

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