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Comment Re:49152 (Score 1) 264

My point was that these tools did not support anything else than decimal. I started coding in assembler with a assembler/dissassemler tool written in BASIC. My sister's boyfriend had entered the listing from a book. It did not even use files, it was reading and writing directly from and to memory.

Comment would have been useful for Leonhard Euler (Score 1) 264

...when he tried to find a closed formula for sum(1/n^2). It is said that his first attempt at the problem was to compute some digits and see if he could recognize the emerging pattern. However, this approach was not successful so he had to find another way. Today, you can simply enter 1.6449340668 into Wolfram Alpha, and find pi^2/6 as a suggestion. Cool.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 1376

I meant sentences like

Oh, and Sweden's quickly climbed to the top of the list of "Places for a Young Muslims to Travel and Find Young Girls to Rape".

much of the immigration moving in to Europe has no intention of ever integrating into the society around them

This is just the kind of unsubstantiated stuff the european far-right parties keep repeating.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 1376

Seems like your personal experiences do not fit your generalizations. Think about it. Before I forget, there are lots of local people who do not understand or care for democracy, human rights, etc. (In my country, a lot of these guys are also quite anti-american, probably because they believe that America is ruled by the "jews".) Unfortunately, your arguments/anectdotes sound a lot like theirs.

Comment Re:Not really (Score 1) 1376

I live in one of those countries, so I can read national news. Even better, I can form my opinion from first hand experience. You may read this stuff in the tabloid press, but that does not make it true. How do you know that "much of the immigration moving in to Europe has no intention of ever integrating"? And let me add something about the riots in Paris: these are not caused by cultural differences, but by largescale unemployment. Think South Central Los Angeles.

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