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Comment Re:A few are still around (Score 1) 419

Does Redbox rent porn?

Communities that don't have access to fast internet services and likewise don't have video stores are definitely in the land that time forgot. I have a few cousins who'd probably have to make two 70 mile round trips if they really wanted to see "I Was a Teenage MILF #71" since there's neither a mom and pop video store nor any internet service other than dialup or satellite available to them.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 3, Interesting) 419

Here in the midwestern US we have Family Video, which at one time also had pretty decent dialup service. All the local Family Video stores I'm aware of are still open, have free titles, rent most stock for $1 and have a porn section. As the last chain standing I'd say they did it right. I've been an eight-DVDs-at-a-time Netflix subscriber since 1999 but I'm glad the local brick and mortar store (not vending machine) is around. Sometime it's nice to just browse.

Comment Re:Ed Bott is a clueless dolt (Score 1) 435

Since no one has ever called me that in an email message, I'm sure that I would remember.
I'm not saying I can remember the exact shuffle order from a deck of cards, but I definitely don't have a problem with names, dates or phone numbers.

Comment Re:What? (Score 2) 435

OK actually he's right that different IMAP clients interact with different IMAP servers when displaying folder structures. Gmail isn't the end all and be-all of IMAP and I don't think every IMAP client should just standardize on the way Google does something, but you really can run in to issues where three different clients name or use certain folders on the same server differently.

Comment Re:who cares? (Score 4, Insightful) 435

People still use email for anything other than verifying forum accounts and retrieving forgotten passwords? There are so many faster and easier ways to communicate

That's possibly generational. I don't like to send SMSes because of the character limit and the idea that it's at least nominally tied to one device. I don't use any social networking services because I've actually read their terms of service. I think phone conversations are intrusive and damaging to my concentration, so I prefer not to talk on the phone, and many slow typists I know dislike any sort of realtime IM system.

Most of the people I know who dislike E-mail don't like the "formality" of having to write complete sentences or are paranoid about the possibility of some kind of record being kept of the exchange, but to me it's clearly the best general-purpose communication tool available most of the time. The haters tend to be young and want to conduct as much communication as possible through either Facebook or SMS.

I don't know if that's you or not, but I will say that E-mail isn't going away any time soon regardless of your wishes to the contrary.

Comment Re:Ed Bott is a clueless dolt (Score 4, Interesting) 435

I keep every single message I've gotten since 1993 in the same inbox with perhaps a half dozen total messages segregated into a different folder. That's around 300,000 emails. I have a very good memory so I seldom need to search, but when I do, I've never found a weakness in the search component of any mail client I care to name, even going back to elm or pine.
The greatest degree of flexibility comes with having all my messages in the same directory; over the last 20 years I've treated it as a quasi-journal and usually if I go back to read a message or two for a given date I can give a pretty accurate summation of everything else I did on that day, so as an organizational structure I'd say it works just fine.

Comment Re:What? (Score 2) 435

I don't understand the problem either. Gmail works fine with any IMAP client I care to configure. IMAP itself has some weirdness around how clients interact with various folders, but that's not Gmail's fault.

I really don't like Gmail because of a distaste for threaded comment view (yes, I know I can turn it off on the web, but not in the Android client), but as someone who has every non-spam e-mail I've received since 1993 sitting in my inbox I can say that it performs just fine in spite of that and I can access it anywhere, which is the biggest single reason to stick with it.

Comment Re:Why would you have this on an open network? (Score 1) 53

You're not going to build a 5W ARM system with two or four hot-swap SATA drive bays in a decent enclosure with a decent transformer using new parts for less than what baby Synology NAS costs. I'm fully capable of assembling that sort of system but I can't do it cheaper, especially not if my time has value.

Comment Re:Why would you have this on an open network? (Score 1) 53

I re-sell NAS systems based on the idea that no on in an SMB setting is interested or even capable of dealing with a fully functional file server. To the folks in the office, the NAS is just "The network drive", while the guy who set it up probably isn't going to give it another thought until he hears that it's not working AND someone is offering to pay to get it fixed.

I also see a lot of NAS systems deployed as workarounds for dealing with slow IT staff response times, often because a manager someplace doesn't understand why it's so much of a hassle for a storage admin someplace to allocate 6TB of space than it is to buy a low end Drobo and some crappy desktop drives. Staff IT might not even be aware that the boxes are out there.

Being able to be disinterested is in fact part of the sales pitch for a NAS in the first place.

Comment Re:As a hoosier (Score 1) 16

I could walk in to the Dunes National Park in something under five minutes from where I'm sitting right now. It's very pretty here. That does not solve the problem of the people who live here, the anti-intellectual regressives who run the state or their steadfast determination to never let anything get any better. College educated people by and large leave and it's for very good reason. This is a terrible place and it is devoid of worth.

Comment Re:As a hoosier (Score 1) 16

My current roommate just moved from Fort Wayne and is in fact a stripper. There are 11 clubs there and girls - even the ones who know what they're doing, can't possibly make decent money just because of oversupply. I have no idea how that place supports so damned many.
(And for the record: She's cute and can dance but her teeth are awful. She talks about braces the way other dancers talk about boob jobs)

I also had no idea that anything even remotely geeky happened in Indiana, let alone in Fort Wayne. This place is a sucking vortex of sister fucking and bible thumping and if some form of nuclear device were detonated over the state I daresay it would make the world a better place.

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