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Comment Doom doom doom! (Score 1) 302

"The rats have gotten smarter...even problem solving know when that one looks at you, she's figuring things out..."

"Scientists were so concerned with whether or not they could make the perfect rat, they never stopped to ask if they should!"

- (Paraphrases a la J.P.)

Comment The Real and Likely Solution (Score 1) 501

The problem: iPhone users suck up too much bandwidth for the ATT network. The solution: decrease use or increase network capacity.

For ATT, the decreased use can happen using updated pricing, and increased capacity will happen as a matter of course from year to year, but I think the real and likely solution ATT will just not like: when the contract is over and the iPhone is made available on other networks the ATT network will experience less use (lost customers) and iPhone users will experience greater capacity (they are spread out on multiple networks).

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