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Comment re WRT-54GS (Score 1) 334

I have struggled with the same. I have put dd-wrt on a couple of clones and ending up bricking them with updates or modifications. I have two suggestions. Mikrotik has just come out with a high power ap / router for under $100 bucks. Their routeros is linux based and the new ap/router has a usb port also. I have had good luck running hostapd on a linux server. I presently use one of the high power (EPI-3601S) available from Amazon or Newegg and the latest version of Ubuntu server edition. Works great however, this card doesn't have wireless N.

Dell's Misleading Graphics Card Buying Advice 381

Barence writes "Dell's website includes a guide to graphics cards for PC novices which contains a dangerous chunk of misinformation. The monitor on the left, labelled as a PC that uses a 'standard graphics card,' is displaying a Windows desktop that's washed out and blurry. The seemingly identical Dell TFT on the right, powered by a 'high-end graphics card,' is showing the same desktop – but this time it's much sharper and more vivid. They're both outputting at the same resolution."

Submission + - Quantis grounds all flights (

freddieb writes: Due to a labor dispute, Quantis Airline has grounded all flights immediately leaving thousands of travelers and employees stranded.

Submission + - Linux Journal goes all digital

freddieb writes: Just received word that LJ is going all digital as of September.

Comment re RS (we are up to RS in parts?) (Score 1) 413

Radio Shack never was a real good parts store. Olson Electronics was better. There were some local parts stores that were much better (Delta Electronics). Most all of them have vanished. Radio Shack did have a big store that was great (can't remember the name) but it was similar to Allied Radio. We had a local store here in the Atlanta Area. They sold everything from cases to test equipment. Like most of their other trial balloons (Incredible Universe, etc), they went bust. I will go to RS for small parts (led's etc) as it is the only local venue left. We are lucky here in Atlanta to have Fry's. They have most anything that RS would stock and much more of it.

Comment Re:Don't worry, Microsoft is on it (Score 1) 135

The last time I had a windows virus it was Alureon. Every time I clean the drive, it was fine until I reinstalled MSRT. Then it appeared. Finally, I replaced the drive and installed Nortons and have not had another problem. I found only one tool that would actually remove it and it was free from Kaspersky Labs (TDSSKiller).

Submission + - Centos 5.6 (

freddieb writes: Centos 5.6 is out. Thanks to Karanbir Singh and his team for lots of hard work.

Facebook Photo of Stolen Ring Puts Couple In Jail 143

An anonymous reader writes "A Facebook photo of a stolen 3 carat diamond ring recently helped police solve a jewelry theft. After rings and other items valued at more than $16,000 were taken from a home on Saturday, a friend of the victim's roommate saw one of the items on the social network. 20-year-old Crystal Yamnitzky captioned the photo with the following message: 'Look what Robby gave me I love him so much,' in reference to her 21-year-old boyfriend Robert Driscoll. Yamnitzky's cousin saw the post and told some friends, who alerted police. Both Yamnitzky and Driscoll have been charged in the case."

Comment re Debian Squeeze (Score 2) 345

I have Squeeze running on a desktop and my home server. It is excellent. I have a Ubuntu desktop also. I really see no major difference except with Debian you don't have to update every two days to keep current. The long release cycle is excellent for servers. The new version has the latest bind, php 5.3, etc. Seems really current to me. It also plays Sirus player, compiz, software-center, just like debian. 2.6.27 compiled fine and runs like a top.

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