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Comment Re:Question About Cable Routers (Score 1) 231

I have TimeWarner, and my service is advertised as 15Mbps/768Kbps. In actuality, I get 25Mbps/968Kbps when running a speed test (except at peak hours). And this is all over DOCSIS 1.1. They also just recently gave me a new modem, which is only DOCSIS 2 capable (an Ambit U10C018), although it still connects with 1.1.

Comment Re:Contenental standardization *works*. (Score 1) 2288

I'm blissfully unaware of it's existence when driving

It's funny you say that, seeing as how Canada is the #1 country we import our oil and petroleum from. Maybe think about that next time your driving?

I'm not saying anything pro or anti metrification. I'm merely saying that Canada is an important neighbor and trade partner. Mexico is too. These are important countries for our economy and they are on the same continent. So you shouldn't just ignore them. Whether that means we need to adopt metric is another argument altogether and certainly not one I'm going to wade in to.

Comment title is fine, though a bit vague (Score 1) 345

This story is about the ability to watch Expanded Basic channels with a simple digital tuner. Expanded Basic (EB) channels are the ones you get in analog channels above 20, such as TBS, TNT, ESPN, CNN, etc. Those are being moved slowly but surely to digital only, and one day your only option to watch EB channels will be through their digital cable box or a Tru2way compatible TV with a cable card (that you have to pay almost the same for per month as a box), with no options available to watch them on a HTPC. And for HD EB channels, you can just forget about them. There is no way you'll ever get any of them without paying the cable company to be able to decrypt them (the fact that for instance you can get ESPN in SD on analog, but to get ESPN in HD you have to have a box or cable card seems ridiculous to me)

Comment TimeWarner almost there (Score 2, Informative) 345

I've got TimeWarner Cable in the Los Angeles area. As it stands I only get 3 EB channels and 2 Digital only channels in ClearQAM. And they keep moving analog EB channels to Digital only tiers and not offering them in ClearQAM either. Overall the number of channels you can get without their box has been reduced by at least 10 channels in the past 5 years.

Comment Re:Urban Transit (Score 1) 806

Vote this guy up. I grew up in the Venice area. Back then is was the nice LA suburbs that my parents moved to to keep the kids safe. Now it's become mostly just a ghetto area. There are some areas near Santa Monica that are still nice, but that's because of the more urban feel around Santa Monica where they have expensive condos that Yuppies want to live in. Everywhere else is just cheap sprawl.

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